‘Evil’ Craig Mulligan showed ‘psychopathic tendencies’ in interview – expert

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'Evil' 14-year old killer Craig Mulligan displayed all the "hallmarks of a psychopath" during an interview with police, a leading body language expert has claimed.

Mulligan, along with step mum Angharad Williamson, 31, and his own dad John 'Jay' Cole, 40, murdered his defenceless stepbrother Logan Mwangi, 5, in July last year.

The trio inflicted the type of wounds typically seen in high-speed car crashes on the child before Mulligan and his father dumped his body in a river.

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After being sentenced to life imprisonment yesterday (June 30) at Cardiff Crown Court, Mrs Justice Jefford took the decision to waive his automatic child anonymity to allow the media to accurately report on Mulligan's twisted actions.

And footage released by South Wales Police, has led leading body language expert Nick Davies to determine that the teenager displayed clear psychopathic tendencies that were obvious.

In the footage, Mulligan can be seen being questioned in a cell by officers, avoiding direct eye contact.

He is seen providing a tissue of lies to account for footage that showed himself and stepdad Cole, 40, walking to dump Logan's body in the middle of the night from Williamson’s home at Lower Llansantffraid, in Sarn, in the early hours of July 31, 2021.

Mulligan told police: "I woke up in the middle of the night. Then dad come (sic) into the living room with me.

"I know we weren't meant to do it but we grabbed some of the rubbish in the back garden and we chucked it in the river. It was all in black bags and everything. I don't know what was in the bags, I can't remember.

"Then about 20 minutes after we went back out to check whether they had gone down. We didn't say anything. We were trying to be as quiet as we can because we didn't want to wake Logan or Angharad. I don't know whether Logan was still there at that point because we didn't look."

Commenting on this footage, expert Nick noted that Mulligan's body ticks suggested he was 'hiding a part of himself'.

He explained: "He has the hallmarks of a psychopath by not showing any guilt or remorse and trying to play the innocent victim.

"But only when he says about not knowing what was in the plastic bags they threw in the river does he tuck his right hand in his sleeve, which is usually when we are hiding a part of ourselves when talking, then he pushes his right shoulder up to his ear, often associated with anxiety and self comfort."

The footage, aired on an ITV documentary about the killing, went on to show Mulligan lose his cool and try to pass off the murder on his mother.

An officer is seen asking Mulligan: "Is there anything you would like to add?"

He replies: "Yeah. Can you tell my mum to f*** off for me?" The officer retorts: "Why's that?"

To which Mulligan responds: "Because she's blaming me and my dad for everything when we haven't done anything. Neither has my dad. Now I'm just sick of this. She's just saying whatever she wants to get out of the f***ing cells."

This, according to Nick, is deeply troubling.

He explained: "In the second clip his mood changes quickly to anger when he blames his mother and tells the police to "tell her to f**k off!", swiftness to anger or hatred is another indicator of a psychopath."

And unfortunately prior to Logan's murder, the warning signs for evil Mulligan were clear to see.

Once described as "pure evil" by the unwitting foster carers who invited him into their homes in the weeks before Logan's death, Mulligan moved through his young life with palpable malevolence.

He had a well-documented history of "cruel" attacks on young children, vulnerable adults and small animals using his training in martial arts to deliver as much pain as possible.

The Mail reports that on one occasion, Mulligan attacked the family dog by spraying deodorant in its eyes and pulling its back legs high up following an operation.

One foster carer said: "He was pure evil and enjoyed causing anxiety and fear. He knew no boundaries."

In previous hearings, the court also learned of a vile song Craig Mulligan sang about harming children.

He was reportedly overheard by a care worker singing: “I love kids. I f****** love kids. I love to punch kids in the head. It’s orgasmic.”

For eight weeks in June and July 2021, the beast lived in the care of foster parents who said they were unable to cope with his scary behaviour.

The family, who have fostered 80 children over almost 50 years, lived at home with one daughter at the time they invited Mulligan in.

However, they were soon forced to do what they'd never done before and request the child's removal.

Mulligan showed his nasty side on the first night after showing their daughter a vape and a knife.

The foster parents said he was "just uncontrollable" and that "everything was killing” with him and they would regularly find knives hidden behind his pillows.

On one occasion, they went to a local park and he was heard to say: "Shall we play murder and I will put you all in black bags?"

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On another occasion they went to the cinema to watch In The Heights, the Lin Manuel Miranda musical set in New York, and the teen shouted out "Kill all the Jews!" at the top of his voice during the film.

One said: "Why didn't they pick up on [Logan] and put him with a lovely little family?"

“In my eyes I knew that he could do something like that, it was scary. You never knew what to do or say with him."

The teen would also repeatedly talk about how much he "hated" Logan and "wanted him dead" prior to the disgusting murder.

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