Evil robber ‘shattered 7st female cashier’s skull in hammer frenzy before stealing £640 to celebrate his birthday’

AN EVIL alleged robber shattered a 7st female cashier’s skull in a hammer frenzy before stealing £640 to celebrate his birthday, a court has heard.

CCTV reportedly shows Sergey Gorobets, 33, continually striking terrified Olga Marchuk, 35, as she tries to block the rain of blows with her hands in Ukraine.

The electrician has appeared in court after being accused of beating the cashier to death in the city of Kremenchuk, central Ukraine, five months ago.

It's alleged that Gorobets violently smashed the woman with a hammer about ten times, leaving her with no chance of survival, the court was told.

Olga, who was a cashier at a Svydko Groshi [Fast Money] payday lending shop, died in intensive care a day after the violent robbery, according to ICTV.

Court records say the woman was working when Gorobets entered the small, unguarded store and suddenly launched the attack.

Surveillance footage allegedly shows him wearing a face mask and carrying a plastic bag while approaching Olga, who was sitting behind her desk.

It's alleged that Gorobets is seen raising his bag and brutally striking Olga on her head with its contents – reportedly a hammer.

Her killer strikes over and over again as the terrified woman covers her head with her hands in a desperate attempt to save herself.

After allegedly mutilating his victim, Gorobets rushed to the safe and took 24,000 hryvnias (£640) – all the money he could find in there, investigators said.

On his way out, the thug also allegedly grabbed Olga’s smartphone and fled the scene, leaving her to die.

Despite bleeding from her horrific head injuries, the woman somehow managed to go outside, where she was spotted by passers-by who immediately called emergency services.

Olga was rushed to intensive care on the verge of death.

For the next 24 hours doctors battled to save her life. But despite all of their efforts, she died from severe head trauma.

The victim’s husband, Oleg Marchuk, told local media: “The attacker did not leave her a chance of survival.

“She was tiny, weighed 47 kilos [103 lbs]."

He added: “Her injuries shocked even doctors.

“They said that in 20 years of their work they had never seen such savagery.”

Police arrested Gorobets several days later after examining the CCTV footage.

When he appeared in court, charged with armed robbery and murder, prosecutor Dmitriy Kovalenko said: “The accused hit the victim on the head with the metal part of the hammer at least ten times.

“She received multiple head injuries and died.”

According to reports, Gorobets had allegedly been waiting several hours for the right moment to attack.

Chillingly, Olga even wrote a message to a pal about a strange man she'd spotted standing for half a day in front of the shop windows.

Local media reports that the crime occurred on the eve of Gorobets’ birthday and he allegedly used the stolen money to buy festive booze.

Court representative Olga Maslova said the woman's death, "came as a huge blow to her parents which seriously damaged their health.

“Their pain does not subside.”

Gorobets faces life in jail if convicted.

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