Ex-Premier League star 'hurls ''cheating ex's'' belongings out window'

Ex-Premier League star Greg Halford ‘launches ”cheating ex’s” belongings out window’ in bizarre social media video

  • The former professional footballer, 38, posted the video on Twitter on Saturday
  • Footage shows him throwing shoe boxes out of the top floor window of his house
  • Fans and former teammates were supportive, although some saw the funny side

Former Premier League footballer Greg Halford has posted a video purporting to show his ex’s belongings being thrown out a window after claiming she cheated on him.

The bizarre footage was posted on the 38-year-old’s Twitter page on Saturday evening, accompanied by the caption: ‘Been far far to [sic] long but finally clearing out the cheating c**t ex stuff.’

It shows boxes being thrown out of the top floor window of his house, landing in a pile next to a child’s BMX bike below in an apparent act of revenge against his unnamed former partner.

Greg Halford, pictured here playing for Southend United in May 2021, posted the bizarre video on social media

However, there is mystery surrounds the origins of the boxes, which appear empty, and are emblazoned with logos from brand names such as 350 (Yeezy) and Nike.

In his social media the defender has previously spoken of his love for the Yeezy brand, calling them ‘beauts’ and describing himself as ‘slightly addicted’ to them while posting pictures of his shoes and the boxes they’ve come in.

The footballer was supported on social media by fans and former teammates.

His former colleague Craig Fagan, who played with him at Colchester United, tweeted: ‘Hope your all good mate’.

Leanne Stevens tweeted: ‘Good for you Greg, stay positive.’

In the video a large pile of what seem to be shoe boxes can be seen on the floor outside the front of the house

The boxes, which appear to be empty, sit next to a child’s BMX bike which is lying on the front lawn

Hashtag Tony added: ‘Sorry to hear that Greg. Keep your chin up.’

Aaron Farrow wrote: ‘Good on ya Greg, you don’t need people like that in your life. Hope your all good mate.’

Others saw the funny side, with Reece Poole joking ‘still got a good throw on ye Greg’, a reference to his long throw ins while on the pitch.

Gez Campbell-Smith joked: ‘Based on how I’ve seen you play, I’m surprised you didn’t slice them about half a dozen gardens away’.

And Mark (@younglion1989) added: ‘Looks like Evri have finally delivered your parcels.’

Fans and former teammates of the footballer took to Twitter to express their support, while also looking on the funny side

The defender, who has played for 19 clubs in his 20 year career, is currently plying his trade at semi-professional Essex-based club Hashtag United.

His previous clubs include Reading, Sunderland, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Portsmouth, Nottingham Forest and Cardiff City.

He was known for his versatility on the pitch, having spent time playing as a right-sided midfielder, central midfielder, right-back and an emergency centre-forward at times. 

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