Ex-Trump aide Brad Parscale speaks out after viral meltdown

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Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale has revealed that his now-notorious blowout with his wife came after they “lost two children” — while insisting they had patched up their relationship.

“We went through a very stressful time for five years,” the 44-year-old political advisor told Fox News Tuesday night as he spoke for the first time about cops getting called to his Florida home in September amid initial claims from his wife that he had abused her and was suicidal.

“We lost two children during the election [that] we buried,” he said, without elaborating. Politico previously reported that in 2016 the couple lost twins who were born prematurely.

Amid that devastation, he said he was “completely attacked by the left, the right, the media” in his pivotal role for the president.

“And I got to a bad place … my wife was worried about me,” he said of the confrontation where his wife told officers that Parscale was suicidal and barricaded in their Fort Lauderdale home with firearms.

“And she helped. And she was there every day by my side, and I love her for it,” he told Fox’s Martha MacCallum on “The Story.”

“We’ve never been happier,” he said of his 41-year-old wife Candice, who later recanted her initial claims of domestic violence.

“I feel like I’m healthier — getting better every day,” he said.

“I love my wife and she loves me. She was the first one there right afterwards and she’ll be the last one I will ever see,” he insisted.

Parscale grew emotional when he admitted that he has not heard from Trump since his meltdown and takedown by a SWAT cop went viral.

“It’s pretty hurtful, but it’s probably just as much my fault as his,” he said of the president.

“I love that family. And I gave every inch of my life to him — every inch,” he said of Trump.

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