Face of emaciated 'bear den' man revealed as doctor says he's actually suffering chronic psoriasis and was never mauled by beast

THE face of a "living mummy" reportedly mauled by a bear has been revealed – as medics say he was actually suffering from a skin condition.

A senior doctor in Kazakhstan claims Alexander P was afflicted with chronic psoriasis, a skin condition that also afflicts Kim Kardashian, that left him disfigured.

Shocking pictures and videos emerged last week showing the man looking emaciated as well as covered in blood, cuts, and sores.

It was claimed he had been savaged by a bear and survived in the beast's den in Tuva, Russia, for a month by drinking his own urine.

But earlier this week the mystery surrounding the incident deepened following claims he was in a hospital the whole time.


New pictures of the 41-year-old have now been revealed showing him looking very different to the skeletal patient in the hospital in Aktobe city – 1,600 miles away.

The photos, taken before he contracted the skin condition, show Alexander P posing for the camera and beaming.

He was admitted to hospital this month suffering from psoriasis – which he had failed to treat – and severe bed sores, Dr Rustam Isaev said.

The top doctor said he was discharged last week after receiving visits from his girlfriend and mum.


Dr Isaev said: “As chief doctor here I'm saying to you, this is our guy, he is not from Tuva nor anywhere else in Russia."

A medic is feared to have secretly filmed him and dreamt up the story – with a probe now underway.

Dr Isaev vowed to fire the guilty party, adding: “He was in a depressive state.

“He neglected his psoriasis, and in such a state he was brought to us. Now his mother has taken him away.”

Alexander was believed to be continuing treatment as an outpatient.

Dr Isaev said the man’s mum was “deeply upset” over the false reports.

Moscow-based news agency EADaily, which was behind the original story, originally offered a cash reward for anyone who could identify the man.

What is psoriasis?

  • The condition causes red and crusty patches with silvery scales to flare-up on the skin
  • They normally appear on the elbows, knees, scalp, and lower back, but can crop up anywhere on the body
  • The patches can sometimes be itchy or sore
  • Its severity varies from person to person and for some people it is merely a small irritation or have a huge impact on their life
  • Palmoplantar Pustulosis is an extremely rare form of psoriasis which causes blisters to form on the skin, usually on the hands and feet



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The agency said: "The fact remains that a certain man named Alexander is in the most difficult condition in one of the hospitals.

"EADaily appeals to all readers who can shed light on this event."

Dr Louise Gentle, senior lecturer in wildlife conservation at Nottingham Trent University, told The Sun Online that a bear attacking, and dragging, a human into its den is a "very rare thing to happen".

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