Fake heiress Anna Delvey announces she's set up her own LAW FIRM

‘1-800-BETTER-CALL-ANNA’: Fake heiress Anna Delvey jokes she’s launching her own LAW FIRM from her prison cell Delvey & Daughters, or ‘Double D’ for short

  • On Thursday Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, announced the launch of her new law firm Delvey & Daughters, PLLC  
  • ‘Today I am so very excited to launch my own legal practice: Delvey & Daughters, PLLC, or short ‘Double D’ Warning: Highly Litigious,’ she said in a statement
  • It is not immediately clear if Sorokin, who is not actually lawyer and is currently in ICE custody awaiting deportation back to Germany, is actually serious 
  • DailyMail.com reached out to her attorney Manny Arora who  said he was not aware of her new career path and that it was ‘impossible’ 
  • Sorokin, 31, has been held at the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, New York since March 2021 for overstaying her visa

Fake German heiress Anna Delvey claims to have founded her own law firm, from her prison cell.

Despite having no legal training, and still being held at a correctional facility, Delvey announced her new law firm Delvey & Daughters – ‘Double D’ for short – in a public statement on Thursday.

The firm is payable through Dogecoin and can be reached through 1-800-BETTER-CALL-ANNA, a play on the Breaking Bad spinoff series Better Call Saul which chronicles a crooked attorney.

While Delvey’s law firm announcement is clearly as fake as her German heiress claims, it appears to be a dig at her legal representation. 

In her statement, she admits that ‘jail is not a great look for a lawyer but… it merely means I have more time to focus on solving my clients’ issues as opposed to waiting time on pointless dinners and small talk.’

In fact, her current attorney, Manny Arora, seemed stunned and a little frustrated by the revelation when reached by DailyMail.com.

She told us that she had not been informed of Delvey’s apparent new career ambitions and that it was ‘impossible’ for her to found a law firm. 

On Thursday Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey,(pictured in court in 2019) announced the launch of her new law firm Delvey & Daughters, PLLC

‘Today I am so very excited to launch my own legal practice: Delvey & Daughters, PLLC, or short ‘Double D’ Warning: Highly Litigious,’ she said in a statement

Delvey, is currently in ICE custody awaiting deportation back to Germany in Orange County Detention Center in Goshen, upstate New York, released the statement to Business Insider reporter Jacob Shamsian, who covered her criminal trial in 2019.

‘Today I am so very excited to launch my own legal practice: Delvey & Daughters, PLLC, or short ‘Double D’ Warning: Highly Litigious,’ she said. 

‘I’m now available to litigate any dispute, no matter how big or small, a-z you name it, I got it. Full-spectrum legal coverage from someone who’s been there before.’

In her statement, Delvey, actually pointed to her criminal history as a selling point for her qualifications as an attorney.

‘Some may say that being in jail is not a great look for a lawyer but I’m once again expecting to prove my detractors terribly wrong- it merely means I have more time to focus on solving my clients’ issues as opposed to waiting time on pointless dinners and small talk the rest of the world is subjected to on (a) daily basis,’ she said.

Sorokin has been held at the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, New York since March 2021 for overstaying her visa

Delvey touted her free unlimited access to the Lexis Nexis – a database for public and legal records – at the ‘courtesy of the state of NY’ – where she is being held in prison.

She also said that anyone can pay for her services exclusively through the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. 

Delvey, 31, has been held at the Orange County Correctional Facility since March 2021 for overstaying her visa.

Sorokin grew up in a working class suburb of Moscow, the daughter of a truck driver whose mother ran a small convenience store. The family emigrated to Germany when she was 16.

She did not have a college degree or a substantial amount of wealth.

But in 2013, Sorokin traveled to New York City to attend New York Fashion Week, and ultimately stayed, pretending to be ‘Anna Delvey’ – an heiress with a $60m trust fund in Europe – as she scammed her way to expensive trips and hotel stays, ripping off her best friend along the way.

The scam has now been memorialized by the Netflix show ‘Inventing Anna,’ based on journalist Jessica Pressler’s New York magazine story, which brought her scheme to light.

She was first arrested in July 2017, A&E reports, after she skipped out on thousands of dollars in unpaid bills at two New York City hotels – the Beekman and the W New York – and dined and dashed after eating lunch at Le Parker Meridien hotel.

Sorokin was scheduled to appear in court in September that year, but never showed up.

A few months later, in October, the Manhattan District Attorney set up a sting operation with the Los Angeles Police Department and arrested her again.

Delvey was convicted of fraud in 2019 over the long-term scheme that has since been depicted in the Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’, starring Julia Garner

Delvey remains at the Orange County Detention Center in Goshen, New York (pictured in March 2022)

According to the indictment, City National Bank allowed Sorokin to overdraft her account by $100,000.

She managed to keep $55,000 in the account but ‘frittered away these funds on personal expenses in about one month’s time’ with fancy hotel stays, high-end fashion purchases and sessions with a personal trainer.

In 2019, she was convicted of second-degree larceny, theft of services and first-degree attempted larceny.

Sorokin, however, was acquitted of the most serious charge – attempted grand larceny in the first degree, in connection with a $22 million loan she tried to obtain from City National Bank.

She was also acquitted of stealing from her friend, Rachel DeLoache Williams, who worked in the photo department of Vanity Fair magazine and was scammed out of $62,000.

The two, and a group of other friends, went on a $7,000-a-night villa trip to Morocco in 2017. Sorokin had vowed to pay for the trip, but never did.

After serving nearly four years of her sentence of between four and 12 years, Delvey was released from jail in February 2021, and went about returning to her previous life of luxury by renting a swank apartment in Chelsea.

Weeks later, after bragging in a TV interview that ‘crime pays, in a way’ she was arrested by immigration agents for allegedly overstaying her visa and has been in ICE custody at the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, NY ever since.

Delvey tried to apply for asylum in the United States – but German newspaper Spiegel Panorama reports that her plea was denied.


2011: Anna Sorokin enrolls in a fashion degree at Central Saint Martin’s in London 

2013: Anna drops out of Central Saint Martin’s and moves to Paris where she starts interning at Purple Magazine. 

This is when she starts going by the name Anna Delvey

Summer 2013: Anna comes to New York for fashion week with Purple and decides she would rather stay in America than return to Europe. She starts working out of Purple’s offices in New York City 

2013-2017: New York and Europe

Anna immerses herself in New York society, attending fashion parties and mingling with CEOS. 

She stops interning with Purple, and it’s unclear where she lived for most of her time in New York and pops up at parties all over Europe in Berlin and Paris, dressed in designer clothing. 

During this time she is believed to be in a relationship with a TED-talk ‘futurist’ boyfriend. By 2016, they have broken up and she is in New York City alone. 

2016-2017: The con years and the Anna Delvey Foundation 

Until 2017, Sorokin’s parents were still giving her money for rent. They didn’t know where she was living in New York. 

Around 2017 is when Anna started living in hotels, firstly taking up in 11 Howard. 

In late 2016 is when she started soliciting fraudulent loans from banks and overdrafts to build The Anna Delvey Foundation, her arts-club that she wanted to build on Park Avenue South.    

November 2016-December 2016: Anna attempts to defraud City National Bank but is turned down. 

December 30 2016 – February 2 2017: Anna tries to defraud Fortress out of a $22million loan.

January 2017: Anna defrauds City National Bank. They give her $100,000 as an overdraft which she uses to prove she has money in her pursuit of of a loan with Fortress. 

Fortress spent $45,000 of the loan. She then asked for the remaining $55,000 back, and used that money to pay for some of her lifestyle, without ever giving City National the money back. 

April 2017: Anna defrauds Citibank by depositing fake checks and cashing them before they bounced. 

April 2017: Marrakech trip 

Anna takes two friends – Rachel de Loach Williams and her fitness trainer to La Mamounia, one of the most expensive hotels in the world. 

They also brought a film maker to document them as they swanned about the resort, playing tennis and visiting the spa. 

Williams, a photo editor at Vanity Fair, ended up putting the entire trip on her work American Express. It cost $60,000. 

Anna convinced the group she was merely having problems with her European bank – as she had done for years. 

July 2017: Anna is arrested for theft of services after skipping bills at the Beekman, the W, and for leaving a $200 lunch bill at Le Parker Meridien hotel. 

She was released. 

October 2017: Anna is arrested on the other fraud and grand larceny charges 

She is taken to Rikers Island 

May 2018: The Cut publishes an in-depth article about Anna’s crimes. She becomes an internet sensation 

March 2019: Anna’s trial begins in New York City. She enrages the judge by showing up late and refusing to wear the outfits her attorney has brought for her

April 25, 2019: Anna is found guilty on three of the five counts she was charged with. 

The jury acquits her of trying to defraud Fortress and also of defrauding her Vanity Fair photo-editor friend. 

May 2019: Anna is sentenced to four to 12 years in prison 

February 11, 2021: Anna is released on good behavior and she returns to New York City, lapping up media attention and consulting with subscription services for a lucrative deal. 

She ends up signing with Netflix to advise on its production of Inventing Anna

A judge allows it as a means of her earning back enough money to repay her victims 

March 2021: Six weeks after being released, Anna is picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying her visa. 

She is taken to a prison in upstate New York 

February 17 2022: A deportation order is issued for Anna to send her back to Germany. 

Her attorneys appeal and they get a 30 day extension.

March 2022: Anna is due to be deported from New York 

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