Family homeless after mice ‘burn house to the ground’ amid doomsday-like plague

A family is now homeless after mice 'burned their home to the ground' after chewing through wiring inside.

Australia is battling a mouse plague, mimicking doomsday, in a horrific infestation taking over a large area of the country.

Rebekah Ward said the infestation resulted in "mice jumping from the roof" to flee the blaze.

The mum-of-three heard of the fire when she received a call to tell her the lounge was on fire at her house near Narrabri, New South Wales.

Unfortunately, by the time she raced home, it was completely alight, with thick, black smoke billowing into the air.

She told Channel Nine's Today show, that "half the town" attempted to extinguish the flames, but despite their efforts, the mice had eaten so many wires that it couldn't be saved from the fire.

She said: "I had the local police officer, [and] a few of the locals say, that mice were just jumping from the roof.

"Around the house and into the neighbour's, there's dead, burnt mice.

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"I'm not sure how many mice were coming out, but yeah, apparently there was a fair few."

She says her family had also been repeatedly attacked by the hungry mice, with their population forever growing, and the animals being impossible to eradicate.

Ward added it was a "nightmare" as the rodents "crawled over the kids at night".

She said: "They are in our shoes, they are on our benches, they are everywhere.

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"They eat the food. We've had to put the food into a toolbox.

"They come through the lounge. They will bite you on the back. They are a nightmare."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to fundraise money to re-home the family.

It says: "My best friend Rebekah was in tears and [said] 'My house is burning down to the ground'.

"Rebekah was driving back home from work – she’s a nurse in an aged care facility an hours drive from her house – when she called me.

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"Luckily her three most prized possessions – her three boys – were on the way to footy training with their Dad – James, Bec's husband.

"So they were all safe. Thankfully! They have lost absolutely everything. Their whole world."

It also explains how their clothes, personal items, photos, and heirlooms are gone forever.

The page has raised $15,000 (£8200) already towards the main goal.

Australia's rodent problem is growing towards Sydney with people claiming to be being bitten while they sleep in their bids.

Millions of mice have sparked infestations stretching 1,000km from Brisbane to Melbourne.

They have decimated crops and eaten through food storage units, as well as invaded homes, hospitals, and schools.

They thrive after heavy rains fell following hot and dry spells leading to a successful harvest.

One farmer recorded the moment mice were seen 'falling out of the sky' when they cleared a silo.

Groups of rodents fell to the ground, some dead, and others scurrying away after they hit the floor.

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