Family in ‘worst night of lives’ over Brit missing in Turkey after another body found

And they endured a horrible night yesterday when a strangled body, of a similar age to David, was found about a mile away from where the search is being conducted.

Georgina, a supply chain director at a food and drinks company, told Daily Star Online: “We worry about there being a criminal aspect to the disappearance.

“Last night a friend of Gavin sent us a news article which described a body of a 60-year-old being found about a mile away.

“We thought that was it, we went to police first thing in the morning.

“It was the worst night of our lives thinking that was how the story ends.”

“It was the worst night of our lives thinking that was how the story ends”

David McCann

The body was in fact a Belgian-Russian who lived in the area whose death is being treated as suspicious.

Georgina continued: “We are keeping our spirits up, we hope this has a happy ending.

“It may have been misadventure gone wrong, we just don’t know. It’s emotionally exhausting.”

She added: “You imagine the worst of what could happen him, until something comes up we can’t stop looking and stop trying.”

Gavin said his uncle, who is single and has no children, often goes on holiday alone but his disappearance is completely out of character.

He told Daily Star Online: “It makes you think something has happened, but he’s not the kind of guy who would provoke anyone.”

A large search operation is under way in the area involving a Turkish search and rescue organisation, the military and police.

More than 60 people, along with dogs, drones and mounted officers, conducted a search across a wide area of forest on Tuesday but no trace of David was found.

His family think the best hope of finding him now lies in tracking his mobile phone, which stopped ringing on Monday, and they are pushing for Turkish authorities to use the technology.

Gavin added: “He’s not naive to dangers. He lived in Barcelona for nine years, it is quite strange.

“He wouldn’t go off and not say anything. He would be in contact.

“He’s been on plenty of these trips, been to this area before mountain biking with his friends. It was his thing.

“We are taking it day be day. We want to push the Turkish authorities to get the mobile phone tracking done. 

“Dave is an outgoing guy, if he had an opinion he is not afraid to say it, he’s friendly and would chat to anyone.

“He’s down to earth, he likes going down the pub with his mates.”

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We are providing support to the family of a British man who has been reported missing in Turkey, and our staff are in contact with the Turkish authorities.”

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