Fired OnlyFans teacher says ‘boss told her to sell her underwear online’

A teacher fired for her racy OnlyFans content said one of her bosses said she should "sell her panties online" just days before she was sacked when her X-rated page was discovered.

Sarah Juree, 40, was shocked to be given the boot from her full time job in June after her employer DoD STARBASE explained her extra curricular activities were 'putting its reputation at risk'.

Since her sacking, Sarah from Indiana, US, has gone all in on making money from OnlyFans where she has racked up almost 4,000 paying subscribers.

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And now, she claims that a conversation with one of her bosses actually made her feel comfortable about her profile on the infamous site.

She said in a conversation with a co-worker and her boss, they expressed how impressed they were at a stripper earing $600 (£520) just to show up to another friend's bachelor party.

"We all laughed and thought it was a great idea [to start an OnlyFans page] and my boss said 'oh yes you two should start a page' and sell your panties on there.

"Men love buying panties you could make a lot of money selling panties," Sarah said, quoting her boss.

She continued: "At this time I had my page a few weeks but that comment to sell my panties on Onlyfans made me feel like ok. My page is no big deal for work and even my boss is encouraging me to sell my panties on there.

"There wasn’t anything mentioned during this conversation that we couldn’t have an Onlyfans because we were a teacher. This conversation happened just a few days before I was fired.

"And it was never mentioned during my termination."

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The self-proclaimed women’s empowerment and sexuality advocate was fired when a man with a "vendetta against teachers" exposed her side hustle by screengrabbing her naked pictures and sharing them on Facebook.

Sarah said: "The conversation made me feel more comfortable to keep my page and see if I could actually supplement my teaching income with it.

"I was hoping to pay my car off, credit card debts and take my kids on a vacation. My hope was that I could find a way to still teach but not be struggling financially."

She said she was stuck in a money rut and would cry in her bathtub, so much so that her kids would call her "sad mommy".

Sarah added: "OnlyFans was a desperate financial move to help myself. I have also lost about 60 pounds and worked very hard at the gym while teaching and working all these side jobs. OnlyFans felt like an empowering way to put myself in a better situation."

She recalled in a previous chat with the Star: "I loved my job and was an exceptional teacher. My boss cried the day I got fired."

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