Firefighter on wedding anniversary trip found dead after ‘kidnapping’ from hotel

A fireman on a wedding anniversary holiday to the Mexican resort of Cancun has been found dead 10 miles from his hotel – with his family claiming he was kidnapped.

The body of Elijah Snow, of Arlington, Texas, was found on the bathroom window of a hotel about 10 miles from the beachfront resort where he was staying, having appeared to have fallen on to it.

Mexican authorities are investigating the death which they have said could have been an accident although his family believe he was kidnapped.

The couple were on the first day of a holiday to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. They had enjoyed drinks in the hotel bar with Snow staying behind after his wife Jamie decided to return to her room.

Jamie awoke at around 4am and the investigation started after she found her husband not there.

Local officials in Quintana Roo said that he had died after appearing to fall between two walls at a neighbouring resort, and he was lying trapped in the toilet window of a hotel. Authorities reportedly felt it was an accident without signs of violence.

Snow’s family believe that he was kidnapped and have contracted a local lawyer to investigate. He reportedly has obtained photos showing that he suffered bruising to his body but not including his head and face.

“You are supposed to be safe there,” said Snow’s brother-in-law, Randy Elledge.

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“You are in your resort, with everything included, you don’t have to go out and so you are safe, but you are not safe there.”

Elledge also wrote on Facebook: “Our family has been badly affected by the tragedy and we are very upset with his loss.”

Snow is believed to have been a fireman for less than eight years, with his father Ron also a fireman who was killed during a training accident in 1985.

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