First pics of parents who kept son, 5, in a tiny cat box and tortured him with boiling water

THESE are the parents who allegedly killed their five-year-old boy by tipping boiling water over him face and kept him in a tiny cat box.

Azlin Arujunah and Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman, both 27, deny murder, after the alleged attack three years ago.

Murder carries a mandatory death penalty, or life imprisonment with caning in the former British Colony.

The trial, which began on November 12, heard how their son had died in October 2016 after being scalded by 92C water, causing burns to 75 per cent of his body.

Today the High Court judge Valerie Thean called for the couple to testify but both have said that they "do not wish" to do so.

Eugene Thuraisingam, Rahman's lawyer, said "there are reasons why people take the stand or not" and called it a "strategic decision".

According to the Straits Times the Deputy Public Prosecutor said: "If they choose to take this course, they have to lie where they make their bed."

The couple have previously admitted to acts of abuse in numerous police statements.

Dr Jacob Rajesh, Arujunah's psychologist, created a report on saying she was suffering from an adjustment disorder.

And Dr Ken Ung diagnosed Rahman with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, hypnotic use disorder and intermittent explosive disorder.

Prosecutors said Azlin, the boy's mum, and Ridzuan, his dad, caged the lad in a cat box and tortured him with heated spoons and pliers for months before he died.

His death was caused by blows to the head and a deluge scalding water poured over his back and calves.

The only witnesses for the defence will now be their respective psychologists.

Lat month, the prosecution's first witness, Associate Professor Loh Tsee Foong, recounted the injuries the boy presented at the hospital.

He had second to third degree burns, over 75 per cent of his body, acute kidney injuries, dehydration, a broken nose, cuts on his face and isolated speech delay.

The child, who is cannot be named due to a court order, died one day after going to hospital.

If found guilty, Azlin and Ridzuan could be executed at the gallows in Changi prison.

A foster family took him in shortly after his birth in 2011 but he later returned to his biological parents in 2015.

It's reported that the abuse began a year later when the parents started to “psychologically torment the deceased in various ways”, according to Deputy Public Prosecutors Tan Wen Hsien, Daphne Lim and Li Yihong.

The prosecutors previously further into the alleged abuse, saying the parents would hit the child with their fists or a broom for even the slightest wrongdoing.

They allege that in August 2016, the boy knocked over a biscuit tin and Azlin beat him so hard that his stomach was covered in marks. He also began to hobble due to a misaligned kneecap.

The boy's dad placed a scorching metal spoon on his palm when the child “stole” milk powder to eat, prosecutors said.

Azlin and Ridzuan scalded the boy on at least four previous occasions before his death, the court heard.

On one of those alleged occasions, the boy yelled “are you crazy or what?,” which irked his parents into dousing him with boiling fluid.

On the day of his murder, October 22 2016, the boy was reportedly confined to a cat cage.

His mother allegedly wanted to bathe him but the he refused and to discipline him his dad poured a hot water over his calf and back.

The boy then toppled forward and stopped moving.

Rather than immediately seeking medical attention, they reporteldy waited six hours to take the boy to hospital.

After the hospital informed the police, the parents were arrested.

Both defendants deny murder and the trial continues.

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