‘Flying’ £70m superyacht has massive wings and can glide at whirlwind speeds

A new superyacht worth £70million has been unveiled – and it can "fly" above water on wings.

The Plectrum, the brain child of Italian firm Lazzarini Design Studio, spans across 74m and rises above waves using a foil system.

The futuristic system allows the vessel to lift itself above the water's surface using three hydrogen powered motors.

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Those motors are each capable of a staggering 5,000 horsepower, meaning that the yacht can zip across water at speeds of up to 75 knots.

What's more, the foil system can be adjusted depending on the needs of the captain.

It can be completely closed when the yacht is moored, with the beam then spanning 15m, and can be opened when the yacht is travelling at top speed, when the beam can be extended to 20m.

There are others features that contribute to The Plectrum's speed too.

Lazzarini Design Studio describe the vessel as a "super light yacht".

Although just a concept for now, it can be built only using dry carbon fibre composite materials, reducing weight and upping the top speed.

Lazzarini explain: "The Plectrum is a concept that can be built on request with a €80million budget."

If anyone was to stump up the massive sum, they'd receive a yacht that boasts a helicopter hangar, a rear garage for storing both water toys and a supercar, as well as a central garage for two tenders (which are used to go from the yacht to shore).

The Plectrum's main body can accommodate six guests in lavish cabins. It is subdivided into four levels and also has a premium suite for the ship's owner to enjoy.

Lazzarini say that the hull shape takes its design inspiration from the latest America's Cup sail boats.

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