Forecasters predict surprise ‘snow blast’ next week before mercury ‘hits 30C’

Forecasters have predicted a shock "snow blast" next week across parts of the UK before the icy weather is replaced by soaring temperatures as high as 30C.

So far the Easter weekend has been a warm one, with Brits spending the Bank holiday soaking up the sun – but it doesn't look like the hot weather is going to last.

James Madden at Exacta Weather says large parts of Ireland, southwest England, Wales, the Midlands and parts of northern England will see snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday after periods of rain.

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But it's not all bad news as the cold conditions will eventually give way to warmer, sunnier weather, with temperatures in parts of the country, climbing as high as 30C.

"From around Tuesday of next week and into Wednesday will see things turning significantly colder for a small number of days," Madden said.

"This period will also see rain turning to sleet and snow on Tuesday in places, before a well-organised band of precipitation turns to snow throughout the early hours of Wednesday morning.

"The good news is that some much warmer incursions of weather should start to push in across our shores regularly from around mid-month and into the final third of April, and this is also likely to continue well into May.

"Maximum temperatures could reach into the high 20s or maybe even 30C in certain spots at times during the final third of April and into the first half of May."

The forecaster warned there could still be cold days ahead despite the climbing temperatures and that the last few days of April might be colder than Brits might hope.

Looking further ahead, Madden predicted the summer was set to be particularly warm with "four very hot periods" predicted for June or July.

"During summer, we expect an influence from the Azores High and African plumes dragging air up from the south, bringing some very warm weather," he said previously.

"This could drive two to four very hot periods through summer, with the greatest chance during early to mid-June and mid-July."

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