Four dead after helicopters collide in mid-air with ‘debris flying everywhere’

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    Four people have died during a horrific head-on helicopter crash.

    The shocking incident which has seen three others taken to hospital and are currently fighting for their lives, took place near Sea World on the Gold Coast of Australia.

    The crash was confirmed by Queensland Police who closed the nearby Main Beach where the debris landed.

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    According to 9News in Australia, witnesses saw the crash, followed by "a loud noise and bits of debris flying".

    Another witness said that there was a "massive bang", while a woman and son were reportedly seen "in tears" on the helipad at Sea World.

    The deaths and injuries reported had come from one helicopter, while local news is reporting just "six minor injuries" came as a result of the other one.

    No details have yet been released on what potentially caused the crash.

    Queensland Police's Gary Worrell said: "One airframe has the windscreen removed and it's landed safely on the island.

    "The other airframe has crashed, and it was upside down.

    "Members of the public and police tried to remove the people and they commenced first aid and to try and get those people to safety out of the airframe that was upside down ."

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    And Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman Jayney Shearman confirmed that those in hospital were suffering from "multi-system trauma".

    She added: "This means that there was a lot of impact to the body .

    "This is very traumatic, and certainly our thoughts and condolences go out to the families of all those involved.

    "Our officers, this is a very trying day for them – we have really great support systems and today we'll be holding a debrief for all of those officers involved. "

    An investigation into what happened has been launched by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau,.

    A Sea World Helicopters spokesman said: "We are cooperating with all the authorities – as it is now a police investigation we cannot provide any further information at this stage."

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