Four-year-olds taught how to use AK-47s and grenades at Russian school

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    Four-year-old children in Russia are being taught how to handle Kalashnikov machine guns and grenade launchers.

    Disturbing footage of the "war lessons" shows a "teacher" dressed in combat fatigues sharing his expertise with the tiny pupils.

    His name is Pavel Firsov – an officer from a militaristic pro-Putin movement called Combat Brotherhood – with the children at Kindergarten No. 31 in Korolev, near Moscow, learning the "qualities that distinguish a true defender of the Motherland".

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    A military operations veteran, Firsov gives similar lessons to older children on a regular basis.

    Commenting on the classes, one critic exclaimed: "Did I understand correctly that a combatant brought a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten?"

    To which, another person countered: "It is better that a combatant who wishes well for children brings a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten than a terrorist."

    Somebody else, meanwhile, lamented: "In my school childhood, someone's grandfather with noble grey hair came bedecked in medals and told us that war is scary, with pain and tears. We were told how wonderful victory was and how to cherish world peace.

    "I don't remember a word about weapons. Now, happy Russian children are being told how and what to use to kill bad people. Feel the difference."

    One more commentator protested: "I'm shocked. Why, why show this in the kindergarten? Degenerates!"

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    A parent at the nursery school was equally as outraged, fuming: "We were not warned. We were only lucky that our child was not in the kindergarten on this day."

    And another objector argued it was "awful" to show the children such weapons, pointing out: "The law says it is not permitted to involve children in military propaganda. It is necessary to report this violation to the prosecutor's office."

    But, of those in favour of the lessons, one advocate said the boys would become "cowardly men" if they did not receive tuition on weapons.

    Another added: "The girls will probably not be interested, but the boys – 100%. We have become too soft and pampered as we see from so many indignant comments."


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