Frisky couple caught having sex on public beach bench in broad daylight

A frisky couple were caught having sex on a public beach bench in broad daylight.

Stunned onlookers filmed the public romp in the Brazilian city of Santos, with the footage going viral on social media and Brazilian news outlets on Tuesday.

The woman, apparently naked from the waist down, is seen straddling her partner on a public bench in front of the beach.

She gyrates her hips on the man’s lap as they share intimate kisses and the filming onlookers laugh and chatter.

The couple were also filmed, still fully clothed, sitting on the bench as the woman performs a sex act on the man.

When she bends down to seemingly perform oral sex on the man, the cameraperson shouts out and momentarily puts the couple off their stride.

The couple seemed aware that they were being watched and filmed but carried on regardless.

According to Article 233 of the Brazilian Penal Code, the incident is classified as an obscene act, subject to a spell in prison of anywhere from three months to one year as well as a fine.

In a statement, the City of Santos said the police were not called by witnesses at the time and no complaint had been lodged.

It is unclear if they intend to investigate the viral footage to identify the frisky wrongdoers.

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In similar news, another couple in Brazil were caught having sex earlier this month, this time in a popular tourist hot spot in Cabo Frio in Rio de Janeiro.

Despite having other sunbathers around them on Praia do Forte beach, the couple seemed totally obvious while focusing on themselves.

The footage, which has since been shared widely on social media, shows a man lying on top of the woman with other people nearby.

The man can be seen moving his hips backwards and forwards while on top of her.

The suspects were detained by the authorities but their identities have not been made public.

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