Fuming homeowners say they’re no longer allowed to park outside their own houses

People living in a street in Garforth, West Yorkshire, say they need to move their cars every day after new parking restrictions came in to force which effectively ban them from leaving their cars outside their own houses.

Leeds City Council has introduced parking restrictions and is refusing to issue parking permits to residents, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The council is also sending traffic wardens around regularly to make sure the regulations are being observed.

The new rules mean that residents are no longer allowed to park on their own road between 8am and 10am or between 2pm and 4pm.

Elderly residents are having to leave their cars several streets away to avoid being hit with a hefty fine.

Some locals have been forced to start parking in their own front gardens to ensure they do not get fined.

Phil Roche, 70, and his family built a driveway at their home to avoid getting a ticket.

He said: "It is just bureaucracy gone mad and very, very insensitive.

"Surely permits should be afforded to these residents who have lived here for many years.

"The council are telling these elderly individuals, and in certain cases ill and infirm residents, they will have to get out of bed before 8am to move their vehicles to find alternative parking."

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Mr Roche added: "Presumably to clog up adjoining areas and then they are able to bring their vehicles back after 10am – the same instruction between the afternoon hours."

Locals believe the rules were introduced following parking issues linked to a nearby sixth form where students were parking and parents were dropping off others for school.

Mr Roche told of one elderly resident whose family visits three times per day and has to park on a grass verge.

"She hasn't got the time to find a parking space elsewhere," he said.

"It's an inconvenience to park a few streets away to get her car, which should be outside the house.

"I think it is appalling, particularly when they promised permit parking."

Resident Pauline Smith also criticised the new parking rules and how it is affecting her neighbours.

She said: "It's ridiculous. People are having to park on their lawns so they don't get tickets."

A Leeds City Council spokesperson told the Mirror: "The council has received a significant number of complaints in recent years about problematic parking at school drop off and collection times in this area.

"Rather than prevent parking all day or for long periods of the day an alternative was put forward and consulted upon.

"The proposals restricted parking in some locations and formalised the parking in other locations during the specific times of concern.

"Residents permit parking schemes are not used to resolve school related parking concerns because of the short term nature of these problems at the beginning and end of the school day and the exemptions used in these schemes."

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