Gardener apparently attacked at random while doing yard work at Winnipeg church

A Winnipeg church gardener is recovering after what appears to be a random attack on church grounds.

On May 23, a gardener — who wishes to remain anonymous — was doing yard work for Saint John XXIII Roman Catholic Church in the St. James neighbourhood.

The church’s security cameras captured the moment the attacker spotted the gardener and then away from the camera allegedly attacked him.

Lori Lucas was driving next to the church and intervened as soon as she saw the attack.

“When we pull into the parking lot, that’s when we see the suspect,” Lucas said. “He has the victim by the throat, and the victim… he’s just limp.”

Lucas immediately called police. She says the attack was shocking for her to see.

Lucas said the gardener was taken to hospital and was treated for his injuries.

As for Lucas, she hopes the victim and the church never have this experience again.

“I’ve never seen anything like that and I just hope and pray no one has to deal with that or see that again and I pray that this place is protected,” she said.

Winnipeg Police are continuing with the investigation.


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