Gay paramedic says he was refused entry to mosque to treat heart attack patient

A gay paramedic from Manchester has claimed he was refused entry to a mosque to treat a heart attack patient because of homophobia.

Speaking on TalkRadio, Tom claimed he has also received threats of beheading and, while most Muslims don't discriminate against him for his sexuality, he alleged some areas of Oldham are "strict" and "no go" areas.

He says: "They took one look at me, because I've got piercings – I'm an openly gay man and I've got no problem with it whatsoever – and as soon as I got up to the door with my crew member one of the guys turned around to me and said, 'Excuse me, what's your sex?'"

Tom says he was baffled by the question and responded: "I'm a male."

He added: "He turned and said to me, 'You look funny.' I said, 'Do you mean I look gay?' And he said, 'Yes that's what I mean,' and I said, 'Well I am gay.'

At that point, he claims the man told him: "No, you can't come in my mosque."

Tom says he and his crew member had to tell the controllers that they could not treat the heart attack patient and another paramedic was called to the scene in a car.

He claimed: "They even questioned him if he was a heterosexual male."

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Tom didn't name the mosque where he alleged this took place but said he had complained and North West Ambulance Service had spoken to the Imam.

He also alleged to have experienced discrimination and violent threats in previous incidents.

"I’ve been requested to leave properties, I’ve been threatened, I’ve even had emails sent to work saying they would quite happily decapitate me on the side of the road."

"There’s certain areas I won’t go without a police presence," he said.

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Tom says he has been on "hundreds" of calls to Muslim homes that have been free of incidents and the homophobia he experiences is in a minority of cases.

He adds he has a Muslim team member who is "one of the nicest people I've ever met" and who backs him "one hundred million percent".

Daily Star has contacted North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust for comment.

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