German pizza brand mocks Britain with breakfast topping: ‘If Brexit wasn’t over!’

TikTok user shares hack for saving leftover pizza

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Earlier today, Dr.Oetker mocked Brexit in a response to a customer’s pizza creation. The brand, which was established in Germany over 100 years ago, made the comment referencing Britain leaving the trade bloc after someone suggested a British-themed flavour for the brand’s Ristorante range.

Twitter user @DrWomanhattan shared an image of their pizza creation topped with items from a traditional British fry-up.

Included atop the creation were bacon, baked beans and a fried egg among other classic staple features of the traditional breakfast dish.

The original tweet has racked up over 4,000 likes, and the response to the concoction was mixed.

@MynachMelyn pointed out that some elements of an English fry-up including sausage, bacon, mushroom and tomatoes are normally found on pizza dishes anyways.

However, @Lzaphan branded the creation an “abomination”.

The concoction was a hit with user @FidelZastro though, who tweeted the popular German pizza brand Dr.Oetker asking them to recreate the dish.

In addition to asking them to consider the original user’s creation, the user wrote: “I’ve already done some of your work for you!”

The tweet was accompanied by a mocked-up image of the breakfast topped pizza featured in the brand’s packaging.

It features the German brand’s “Ristorante” packaging and the phrase “pizza anglaise” translating to English pizza.

The Ristorante range features a thin and crispy base and comes in 10 varieties according to their website.

Fans of the British breakfast creation were hoping this would mark the newest addition to the range.

However, the brand rebuffed the idea by mocking Britain’s exit from the EU with their response.

Their response in German roughly translates to: “If Brexit wasn’t already through….”

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Some users hit back at the brand claiming Britain’s departure from the EU was no reason to stop them.

@Coladewe pointed out that the brand features a Hawaiian topping in their range, and wrote: “Hawaii is also not part of the EU. Think of a better excuse”.

While others shared their support for the flavour, pointing out that they had re-created the “pizza anglaise”.

@EineWeltfremde claimed the result was “extremely tasty” and @einfachBina branded the dish as “awesome”.

A further selection of responses expressed support for the brand’s decision to veto the mass creation of it, with @diedunichtbist1writing: “I’m up for a lot, but that doesn’t look right”

Other responses suggested British classics to utilise as pizza toppings with @halfbit suggesting fish and chips, while @CaptOrwell requested a Scottish pizza featuring haggis.

A small number of users referred to a 2020 April fool’s joke posted from the brand which saw a fish finger pizza being mocked up as a new addition to the range.

Some claimed that in comparison to the fry-up pizza, the fish finger topping “doesn’t look so bad anymore, does it?”

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