Girl reveals chilling moment she was ‘dragged into abandoned house’

A seven-year-old girl revealed to her grandma how she was 'tricked' by her alleged abductor and dragged into an abandoned house.

Christopher Irwin, 34, is accused of snatching the child on Friday afternoon.

Neighbours are reported to have spotted the suspcious behaviour and broke down the door, detaining Irwin until police arrived.

The girl's grandmother, who had been watching her play at the time, told 7NEWS the child was distraught following the ordeal near Macquarie Fields in New South Wales.

"She said 'Nanny, he told me he was going to show me something cool and then he took me inside and closed the door," she explained.

"'But there was nothing cool.'

"'He lied to me, he tricked me'."

The young girl was skating across a driveway when she was allegedly grabbed.

“She was literally in my driveway, skated in the gutter one driveway away then the man walked up and asked her, 'do you want to see something cool?',” the grandmother later told 7NEWS.

“She walked that little bit then he grabbed her by the hand and dragged her inside his house and slammed the door.”

The woman, along with two neighbours frantically ran to the property.

“We all went running down because they told me he took her into there," she added.

“We were banging. The boys were kicking the door in. We were smashing the windows.

“One went out the back, tried to get in through the back way.

“It was quiet for what seemed like an eternity then I heard her muffled sound.

“I heard her yell out nanny. I had the police on the phone at that stage.”

New South Wales police allege the man had begun removing the girl's clothes as neighbours intervened.

The gran, who said the whole event was over within roughly 10 minutes, said: “The boys grabbed him and we had him barricaded on the veranda.

"The whole time I was talking to the police to make sure that he didn’t escape until the police came."

The grandmother has praised the neighbours, who she hadn’t spoken to much before, for coming to her aid.

“They’re my heroes,” she said.

“It was them helping me boot the door in and everything to help me get her out.

“If no one’s seen that bit, who knows what would’ve happened.

“I owe them her life.”

Irwin, 34, was charged with taking a child with intent to remove parental control and remain in building with intent to commit indictable offence.

It is thought he did not live at the property he allegedly took the girl to.

“He’s not like a known neighbour. He’s just been staying in the house," the gran explained.

Irwin was refused bail on Saturday and will face court on Wednesday.

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