Golden retriever goes viral after showing off his impressive high-jump skills

A special golden retriever's adorable factor is growing by leaps and bounds – figuratively and literally!

He has become famous for his incredible talents and he leaps over barriers as tall as himself.

Marley the golden retriever generated a lot of buzz on TikTok when his owner posted a video of Marley’s high jump attempt, as the talented puppy jumped over 65 food containers stacked on top of each other.

Marley has become quite the social media star, with his Instagram handle @MarleyinNYC having over 261,000 followers and 1.6million followers on TikTok.

Marley's latest high jump attempt went viral, racking up about 153 million views on YouTube.

The video begins with his owner, Gary, laying nine containers in a row, bridging the gap between the wall and the counter, which the service dog cleared effortlessly.

Gary added row after row, but Marley would simply trot along the corridor and make light work of the jump, writes TeamDogs.

At layer five, Marley thought ‘this is too easy’, and continued to fly over the wall of food until he managed to clear eight rows – or 65 containers.

By which point, Gary had run out of things to stack – or Marley would've probably carried on jumping higher.

Over on Instagram, his followers adored the video, with many saying their own dogs would surely knock down the wall.

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One said: “You make it look easy peasy!”

Whilst another added: “Are you part kangaroo?”

Marley certainly has some serious high jumping skills.

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