GOP says Twitter 'censoring' Hunter Biden 'Ukraine, crack and sex' story was 'illegal contribution' to Joe's campaign

REPUBLICANS have claimed Twitter's "censorship" of the negative Hunter Biden news story was an "illegal contribution" to Joe Biden's campaign.

The claim came after users said they had issues sharing a link to the New York Post article published on Wednesday – and several accounts that tweeted about claims in the report were locked.

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The Post's article alleged that emails found on a laptop showed Hunter Biden arranging a meeting between his then-Vice President father and Ukraine Executive Vadym Pozharskyi. 

A spokesperson for Biden denied any such meeting.

The Post also reported that sexually explicit pictures and a video of him smoking what appeared to be crack were found on the laptop.

The FBI is now investigating if the emails are "Russian disinformation" aimed to bring down Joe Biden.

On Friday, the Republican National Committee filed a complaint, stating they believe "that Twitter has violated FECA and the Commission’s Regulations by making corporate in-kind contributions to Biden for President," Fox News reported.

The complaint alleged Twitter is "partisan," and used "corporate resources to provide active support for Joe Biden’s campaign in violation of federal law,” Fox reported.

Republicans are demanding an "immediate investigation" from the Federal Election Commission into the incident, as they cited the New York Post article in the complaint.

The complaint alleged "media suppression" in accusing Twitter of "supporting the Biden campaign."

Documents shared by Fox alleged Twitter took "unprecedented actions to suppress the articles from being shared on its platform.”

Twitter users said on Wednesday that they had issues sharing the link to The Post article – and several accounts were reportedly locked.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Trump's 2020 campaign page were among those that were reportedly temporarily locked after sharing tweets about the article.

"This is censorship, this is not the American way, this is not how a freedom-loving democracy operates," McEnany told Fox News.

"We have to hold Twitter accountable, and Facebook too, it was banning the transmission of the story simply because ideologically, it hurts the side of the aisle that Silicon Valley prefers."

Dorsey himself called out the handling of the Post article on Twitter, calling it "unacceptable."

"Our communications and our actions on the @nypost article was not great," he tweeted.

"And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we're blocking: unacceptable," he added.

In justifying why the URL to the article was blocked, Twitter said in a thread of tweets the articles "include personal and private information – like email addresses and phone numbers – which violate our rules."

The social media site also cited "violations of our Hacked Materials Policy."

When President Donald Trump learned during an interview with Fox Business on Thursday that his campaign account was locked, he threatened legal action.

"Well, I haven't heard that, but if it is, it is," Trump said of the account being locked.

He added: "It's going to all end up in a big lawsuit."

Donald Trump Jr called for an "immediate government investigation" into Twitter, as he alleged the social media giant was "interfering in the election."

"Not just because of their blatant election interference to protect Biden, but to find out if they're censoring these NY Post stories at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party," Trump Jr tweeted.

"Put Jack under oath!!!" he added, referring to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Following the social media restriction accusations, Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley said on Thursday they're calling Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify over censorship on the sites.

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