Gran's garden overrun by 'unbearable' weeds after brambles in 'no man's land' left to invade home

A GRAN'S garden has been overrun by "unbearable" weeds after brambles in "no man's land" were left to invade her home.

Angie Ryan, 60, says the bushes and brambles are creeping over her fence like a "huge blanket" at her home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Despite her attempts to remove it, the weeds keep coming back and is pushing her fence over and "strangling" her flowers.

And among her flowers affected by the brambles is a rose – which she planted in memory of her dad.

Angie has now been calling her housing association since the beginning of June to put a stop to the invading vegetation.

But she says the Hyde Group housing association are leaving her to deal with the "nightmare" problem.

She told the Kent and Sussex Courier: "I have no idea why they aren’t coming out.

"I think they see my number come up on the phone and ignore it. The bindweed comes up like a huge blanket – coming up and over.

"You can see it moving forward and forward. I do what I can to keep it tidy but I hope now we have taken things further, that we will see something done and have an end to this nightmare once and for all."

Recently, she said someone had been sent to cut the vegetation but added that it's "not been done to a satisfactory level."

She dubbed the patch of land "the void" where the vegetation grows between her fence and new homes.

But it's become a place for people to dump old junk, including sofas.

And one day when she was trying to cut down the growing weeds, the gran fell off the wall into the passageway – but she said "only her pride" was hurt.

Hyde’s Head of Housing for Estate Services, Jane Cox, said: "I’d like to apologise to Mrs Ryan for any inconvenience caused.

"This area is a no man’s-land between two houses.

"Therefore, we don’t carry out routine, regular grounds maintenance. We clear the area when we are made aware that it needs clearing.

"However, I can confirm that we did clear it on 18 August.

"In future we will keep an eye on it to ensure that the bindweed and brambles don’t get out of control."

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