Gunman hunted by police was actually bloke dressed up as Star Wars bounty hunter

Police hunting down an alleged gunman were relieved to find the wanted man was actually someone dressed up as a Star Wars bounty hunter.

After being called to an armed weapon situation in Boston, United States, police were relieved to see that the long gun reported was just a prop blaster from the hit franchise.

With worries over the reports at Back Bay Station, attending officers found that the reports were over a man dressed up as Star Wars character Boba Fett.

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Donning a dark visor and carrying around a prop weapon, the cosplaying bloke had been mistaken for a potential armed threat.

MBTA Transit Police have since stopped their search for the galactic bounty hunter, tweeting: "Multiple […] units responded to Back Bay for report of a person armed w/a long rifle.

"Officers located a person in character as “Boba Fett” w/a replica firearm. Officers conversed with the individual & the scene was safe."

Twitter users were elated at the Boba Fett character's appearance and chimed in with plenty of Star Wars puns.

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One wrote: "Okay hold on; let’s assume for a second it was a legit call: what were you guys gonna hope to do against Boba Fett?"

Another added: "I don’t think Han Solo would agree with the police assessment that being on the scene with Bobba Fett [sic] is safe."

Some were less than impressed by the appearance though and believe the cosplayer should have put an "orange muzzle" on the top of his rifle to prevent weapon worries.

It is believed that the unnamed cosplayer was attending an anime convention in Boston at the time of the disturbance call.

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