Harry and Meghan will speak of ‘nothing but the weather’ at Charles’ coronation

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to attend King Charles' coronation – but are under strict orders to speak about "nothing but the weather", an expert claimed.

Sources close to the royals have claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are "on the list" of invitees to the historic ceremony on May 6, but will be under strict instructions to keep the peace, according to royal commentator Kinsey Schofield.

"A source close to the Royal Family says that Harry and Meghan should be prepared to talk to senior royals about nothing but the weather, which we can all understand," Schofield said during a GB News appearance.

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"Those two can’t keep their mouths shut. Loose lips sink ships."

She added the King had opted to invite his son and daughter-in-law to his coronation to avoid a "PR nightmare" and that the pair could potentially be seated with Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, known to be on good terms with the couple.

A Whitehall source said Harry and Meghan are expected to attend the ceremony and that it is hoped there won't be "any drama" as Charles ascends the throne this Spring.

"They’re on the list and planning is well underway to make sure the proceedings run as smooth as possible – without any drama," a source said.

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Meanwhile another source added that "both Harry and Meghan will definitely come" to the historic occasion.

"And they should realise that there is only one subject that many members of the royal family will be willing to discuss and that’s the weather," the source added.

The speculation comes after tensions between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their estranged relatives ramped up thanks to claims made by the couple in their recent Netflix documentary and in Harry's memoir, Spare.

Buckingham Palace has maintained its silence since Harry & Meghan was released in December and quickly became Netflix's most successful docuseries launch to date, while Spare, which hit shelves on January 10, became an instant bestseller.

The release of the Prince's book was accompanied by a series of tell-all interviews, in which Harry claimed he wanted his dad and brother "back" despite the flurry of accusations launched their way.

The Daily Star has contacted the Palace for comment.

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