Harry claims William ‘attacked him and left him on floor’, calling Meghan ‘rude’

A stunning leak from Prince Harry's memoir has revealed that he was allegedly 'attacked' by his brother William, which left him with visible injuries.

A copy of Harry's upcoming autobiography Spare was obtained by The Guardian with an excerpt of the book leaked in which Harry talks about an intense argument he had with William over his wife Meghan Markle.

Occurring in 2019, the Prince of Wales is said to have called his sister-in-law "difficult", "rude" and "abrasive".

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The increasingly heated row between the two brothers culminated into a physical altercation, the book claims.

In one staggering extract, Harry writes that William "grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and… knocked me to the floor".

During the argument, William said he was trying to help Harry who accused his older brother of acting like an heir.

Harry responded as he said: "Are you serious? Help me? Sorry – is that what you call this? Helping me?"

According to Harry, his response angered William, who stepped towards him and began swearing which caused Harry to walk away from William who followed him into the kitchen.

Harry then said, after giving William a glass of water: "Willy, I can't speak to you when you're like this".

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The dispute between the pair then reached a climax as he wrote: "He set down the water, called me another name, then came at me.

"It all happened so fast. So very fast. He grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and he knocked me to the floor.

"I landed on the dog's bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces cutting into me. I lay there for a moment, dazed, then got to my feet and told him to get out."

The Duke of Sussex wrote that William told him to hit him back, an offer he said he refused as William left before returning and apologising.

Harry claims before William left for the final time he told him: ''You don't need to tell Meg about this.'''

He says he replied with: "You mean that you attacked me?" as William denied attacking him.

Harry said he initially didn't tell Meghan about what ensued between him and his brother and only told her once she noticed the "scrapes and bruises" on his back as he claimed she "wasn't that surprised" and "wasn't all that angry".

The Daily Star has approached Buckingham Palace for comment.


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