Harry’s claim about royal life being like a ‘zoo’ backed as Kate ‘felt similar’

Prince Harry’s claims that royal life was like living in a zoo has been supported by a royal expert, who said hew as told Kate Middleton felt like a “caged animal at times” in her early days after marrying into the family.

The Duke of Sussex appeared on Dax Shepherd's Armchair Expert last week, where he compared his life as a Royal Family member to living in the "Truman Show".

While some fans have attacked him for appearing to criticise the Royal Family once again, Finding Freedom biographer Omid Scobie has leapt to his defence by saying another senior royal has felt the same in the past.

Speaking on his podcast Heirpod, he said: "I remember having a conversation three or four years after Kate had married William.

"This was after their stint in Wales, she was the Duchess of Cambridge living at Kensington Palace.

"I asked an individual who was working for them how she was finding life within the Palace. At the time, she would go out running in Kensington Gardens.

"But, occasionally, a photo might get taken or there might be a spot of bother with someone.

"This person's answer was that she felt like it was being a caged animal at times.”

Scobie pointed out that it is very different when you are the person being pursued and suggested that the royals need to be given a break.

"From the outside, it always looks very different to how it must feel on the inside,” he said.

"But again it kind of goes to a bigger conversation of whether it's fair to hold this family in this position where they are forced to live lives like this."

The host added: "Time and time again we see how unhappy people in this space are. That's quite sad when you think that it's not necessarily something that they have to do."

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