Hero dad frees shark after it gets tangled by rope as son cries ‘don’t fall’

A brave dad was praised for saving a shark and cutting rope off its fins as his stunned children watched on.

David Torres, wife Kelly Lorusso and their two children were out on a boat trip for scalloping just south of Apalachicola in Florida when they were alerted by a nearby boater that a shark was approaching.

Soon the family noticed the shark was entangled in a thick rope and David wanted to help the poor sea beast.

In the video he shared on Facebook, he said: "As it swam by us we noticed about a 15-inch rope wrapped around it."

He uses a fishing rod to hook onto the rope and starts pulling it closer to their boat while wife Kelly warns her children to be careful and stay away from danger.

As he continues to pull the rope, it slowly reveals that the rope was tightly wrapped around the shark's body.

The apex predator appears to struggle as it thrashes around the water surface.

Kelly can be heard saying behind the camera: "Oh my God. That poor shark, it's like eating its skin."

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Their son warns his father and yells: "Daddy, don't fall in!"

When David lifts up the rope, Kelly passes him a knife so that he could cut off the rope to free the big fish.

David's rescue video has attracted nearly 150,000 views on Facebook, including the people who warned them from a passing boat.

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Peggy commented: "We are the people in the other boat that spotted it! Our motor spooked it, made it more agitated, we told the boat beside us. He used his trolling motor to get closer to it. Amazing!"

A second wrote: "I can only imagine how good that shark feels swimming away without being tethered."

While some asked if David or Kelly knew the species of the shark, David answered: "We think it might be a lemon shark."

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