Homeless man builds wooden cabins from materials found during pandemic

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A nifty rough sleeper has built himself a temporary home of two wooden cabins using only materials he has found during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris Inker, 45, started collecting unwanted pellets from the local neighbourhood in June 2020 and began building a shed on a small patch of land alongside the A4042 in Newport, Wales.

Within five months, he has made two cabins with a sitting area, a fire pit and a shed to store wood.

Footage shows his impressive development, which takes up a sizable space at the side of the A4042.

One of the cabins is so large he has even managed to fit in a wardrobe, while much of the other space is filled with bags.

He told Wales Online: "I have got a bedroom in my one which can fit two people in.

"I've got a unit to put my stuff in and my food to store it in, so it's alright."

Chris said he became homeless after leaving prison early in 2020.

For a brief period during lockdown he was given temporary accommodation in a guest house in Newport, but said he decided to leave because he wanted to distance himself from hard drug-users.

"I came out of prison about a year ago," the rough sleeper said.

"I moved into a tent up there, but one of the boys burnt it down so I made my own here.

"It took me about five months to do that. They put me into a hostel on Stow Hill, but people were taking drugs and all that.

"I just didn't want to know. That's why I won't go in any of these places. I don't want to be around that."

Since Chris built the cabins, people have come by and dropped him food and blankets.

He added: "I have the fire service up here. They come and check on us. Drop food off. Water if we need it.

"The police have stopped once or twice to see if we are ok. We get that a lot. But we haven't had any problems there."

Chris is continuing to search for properties on the council housing list, and hopes to find a place in 2021.

"I'm happy for now until I get a place and I'll go from there then," he said.

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