Horror as man mauled to death and eaten alive by ferocious lion in grisly attack

A lion mauled a game park worker to death before eating him as he embarked on a forbidden nighttime stroll in a South African reserve.

Johannes Matshe, 30, was killed on the grounds of the Dinokeng Game Reserve in Gauteng, where he worked as an employee, after he ventured outdoors on the night of Sunday, August 13.

He was stalked and mercilessly attacked by one of the reserve’s big cat residents, which left his blood-spattered remains scattered over the grounds.

Mr Matshe was discovered by the park’s operations manager, who found his colleague’s body the morning after the attack.

Reserve representatives have said he may have been perceived as a “normal prey species” by the lion, which left behind a grisly scene.

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Horrifying pictures showed the extent of the attack inflicted on Mr Matshe before he was found on Monday.

The images, which are too gory for Express.co.uk to publish, show strips of flesh torn from the worker’s skull and a severed leg lying in the tall grass.

Hartogh Streicher, a spokesman for Dinokeng, said nighttime walks on the reserve are dangerous and strictly forbidden.

He warned that lions are “nocturnal animals, driven by their natural instinct and hunting patterns”.

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He added that they may perceive people walking out at night as a “normal prey species”.

The reserve is now seeking expert advice, and it is currently unclear whether the lions have become “unnaturally dangerous”.

Mr Streicher said: “Concerning the management of the lions responsible for this killing, no decision has been reached whether they have become unnaturally dangerous.”

“But the reserve is receiving expert advice to make the most responsible decision possible for all parties concerned.”

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He asked all local landowners to stay vigilant and watch out for gamekeepers and visitors to ensure the incident is not repeated.

Local officials with the Hammanskraal state police, under Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, have taken on the investigation.

Officers are now working to understand how Mr Matshe was able to enter the reserve at night.

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