Horror footage inside flooded underground train shows water up to passengers’ necks

China: Torrential rain causes floods in Zhengzhou

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Horrifying footage on social media shows passengers on an underground train in the city of Zhengzhou submerged up to their necks in rising water yesterday as record breaking rainfall ravages parts of China’s Henan province.

Zhengzhou government officials said in a statement that 12 people died and five were being treated for injuries. The subway system suspended all operations after the incident at around 6pm local time, BBC reports.

Frightening videos show passengers trapped inside the flooded subway car as the water climbs higher and floodwater surges past the windows.

Children were lifted out of the water by their parents, while others discarded anything which might hold them down.

Many terrified passengers posted calls for help on social media. One woman wrote on Chinese social network site Weibo: “The water outside the cabin was rising, and it was leaking in from the door. The water reached my chest.

“I was really scared, but the most terrifying thing was not the water, but the increasingly diminishing air supply in the cabin.”

Another said: “The water inside the carriage has reached chest-levels! I already can’t speak anymore, please help!”

Minutes later, she posted again: “If no rescue comes in 20 minutes, several hundreds of us will lose our lives in Zhengzhou subway.”

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More than 7.8in (20cm) of rain fell on Zhengzhou in a single hour on Tuesday and pictures and videos from the region show streets submerged and vehicles being dragged along by the powerful current.

Zhengzhou has a population of more than 10 million and is located on the bank of the Yellow River- one of China’s largest waterways.

Flood control headquarters said the city’s Guojiazui reservoir had been breached and more than 30 reservoirs across the Henan province have exceeded their warning levels, Sky News reports.

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