Huge 145million-year-old dinosaur skeleton found in UK could be new species

The remains of a dinosaur found in the UK could be a new species, experts believe.

Jamie Jordan found the bones in a farmer's field in Cambridgeshire, and believes they could belong to to a new specimen of Plesiosaur.

A Plesiosaur is a giant marine reptile, that looks a little bit like the Pokemon called Lapras.

Mr Jordan, partner Sarah Moore and a team of volunteers took five weeks to excavate the site, which recovered between 60 and 70 per cent of the skeleton.

It would have measured around seven to eight metres long, reports Peterborough Telegraph.

Mr Jordan, who runs the Fossils Galore museum said: “This is a really unusual find.

“This creature would have been swimming in the subtropical sea during the late Jurassic period, around 145 million years ago.

“For it to be brought up to the surface by the cultivation of the land, through ploughing, is very unusual, as it would have been in the bedrock.

“I initially thought it was a Pliosaur, but further investigations have shown it to be a Plesiosaur – the type of creature you associate with the Loch Ness Monster.

“From our research to date, it doesn’t seem to match any other specimen, so could possibly be a new one, which is very exciting.”

The site was discovered near the A14, by a metal detectorist last year.

Mr Jordan thinks that the animal would have been a juvenile, given the bone structure, and it would have fed on fish, squid and other under-water vegetation.

Other items including teeth belonging to sharks, pterosaurs and Pliosaurs were also found.

It is estimated that it will take around four years to clean and preserve the fossil.

Earlier this year a surprise teen Plesiosaurus found in ammonite mine in Alberta, Canada, which could have been around 14 metres long and lived around 75 million years ago.

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