Huge brawl breaks out at airport with hair pulled and punches thrown

A shocking video has captured the moment at least a dozen people started brawling with each other at a busy airport.

The mass fight broke out among passengers disembarking from a flight at Terminal 3 of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport at around 11pm on May 22.

In the video, which lasted around a minute, stunned spectators could be heard telling those fighting to "stop".

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But the clip, shared on Twitter, shows multiple people going at it, with several smaller groups breaking away as the fight spread out.

Chicago Police said in a statement: "A verbal dispute while deplaning escalated in the lower level of terminal 3 when a 24-year-old female victim was punched by two offenders.

"The offenders were placed into custody and charged accordingly."

One group jumped onto the baggage carousel, punching and kicking one another, while another group wrestled on the floor, kicking and grabbing fistfuls of hair.

Others in the video can be heard yelling for security, as fellow passengers run in to try and break up the fight, pulling people apart.

Multiple women even appeared to have lost their shoes in the fight, brawling with others while barefoot.

One woman can be seen using her headphones as a weapon, before being knocked to the floor by a man who proceeds to punch her – prompting the crowds watching to shout louder.

A woman is seen being held on the floor by her hair by others as travel pillows and other belongings lay scattered about the baggage claim area.

A woman who ended up in the middle of the melee on the floor manages to get to her feet, away from the brawl, with some of her bright red braids left lying on the ground.

In a statement, the Chicago Department of Aviation said: "Safety and security are always the top priorities of the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA).

"We work closely with all our federal partners present at O'Hare and Midway International Airports and the Chicago Police Department to ensure that everyone is safe when they are in our facilities.

"The CDA also ensures that its airline partners have clear lines of communication to public safety resources for occurrences within their leased areas."

Chicago police have confirmed that the passengers resorted to violence after some of the passengers were heard arguing with each other.

Two people were arrested following the fight which saw passengers punching each other, pulling hair and rolling around on the floor near a baggage claim carousel.

Christopher Hampton, 18, from Maywood, Illinois, and Tembra Hicks, 20, from Carol Stream, Illinois, were arrested for allegedly punching a 24-year-old woman.

They were each charged with one misdemeanour count of battery.

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