I couldn’t afford to buy a house so I live on 2-storey floating home with my cats – the amount I’ve saved is staggering | The Sun

A WOMAN who couldn’t afford to buy a house instead lives on a floating home with her two cats.

Kate Fincham currently shares her two-storey home with her cats Charlie and Finn and living there saves her a staggering amount of money.

The 34-year-old, from Canada, previously shared with three housemates before taking to the water after she wasn’t able to afford a home on land.

Compared to the average price of a home in Toronto, Kate has saved £240,000 by opting for life on the water.

“The housing in Toronto has become so unaffordable that I truly had no thoughts or ambitions of purchasing a condo or house.

“I own the boat and it was significantly cheaper to buy than any other condo or property in the city.


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“While I got along with my house mates very well, you never feel like the space is truly yours since the kitchen and living areas we all shared.”

Kate says that now “my life is completely different” after she swapped the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto for Scarborough Bluffs, about 30 minutes away.

“Where I live now is in a park, so not only am I surrounded by water, I also have access to hiking and beaches," said Kate, who works in marketing.

"I now have a lot more freedom in my space. Every morning or after work I go for a walk by the waterfront or through the park, or go for sunrise or sunset kayaks.

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“I keep my kayak tethered to my back deck, so I just jump in and go.”

Her home spans across two floors with a loft bedroom, kitchen, functional toilet, bathtub and even a fireplace.

Her monthly costs are about the same as when she was renting in downtown Toronto before she bought her new home in 2020.

But it’s not all plain sailing and unlike a regular home hers is built on steel pontoons and has a tendency to make her feel sea sick at times.

The chilly winter in Canada also presents challenges.

“I have to make sure that ice doesn’t freeze around the pontoons and crush them, and I have to deal with frozen pipes once or twice a winter.

“But after two years I am getting much better at dealing with the colder months.”

Kate says her previous lifestyle in the big city has completely changed for the better since making the move.

“The community is also incredible – we always have dock drinks, ladies nights, dinners, rooftop movie nights, and general weekly get-togethers with the floating home and houseboat owners.

“It is all ages from people in their thirties to their seventies, and we all help each other out and enjoy each other’s company.”

“Every single day I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful home, in an incredible location, and with such an amazing community.”

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