I paid £65 for the same Grinch that 'trashed mum's house & poured juice on her son' – my kids made MORE mess than he did

A CHRISTMAS-mad mum has hit out after a Grinch experience went viral – for "destroying" another woman's home.

Emma Neville booked the grumpy green creature in for a food fight and some Christmas pranks a few years ago.

The 34-year-old has slammed the idea the Grinch caused havoc, telling The Sun: "We were warned he didn't like Christmas and would cause a bit of trouble, as I'm sure the other woman was also."

Emma, from Larne, Northern Ireland, explained: "We had a fabulous experience and my children caused much more havoc than the Grinch did.

"The company warned when booking he may be a bit naughty. Honestly, I think he got a shock when my kids started a full on food fight with him!"

The mum told how she paid £65 for the experience in 2018, for her niece Chloe, now 12, her son, Lewis,13, and daughter, Jayde, six.

She said: "The Grinch was very respectful for the fact my tree had glass decorations, and very apologetic when leaving – even though I assured him my kids were responsible for the majority of the mess."

It comes as a mum fumed over the experience, thought to have been booked through the same company, Santa Stop Here.

Laura Magill, reportedly from Belfast, said she was "disgusted" by the service after the naughty Grinch smashed eggs on her floor, covered the kitchen tiles in Fairy Liquid and poured JUICE on her son.

Laura said she paid £85 for the experience – but was left upset after "expensive" cupcakes and crisps were crushed into her living room floor.

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The fuming mum also claimed her child's onesie was ruined and Fairy Liquid was squirted across her floor.

She blasted: "Highly DO NOT recommend, emailed and complained no reply.

"The Grinch definitely came and stole Christmas. Never been so disgusted in my life!"

The mum accompanied her post with pictures showing the carnage caused by the mystery Grinch.

Laura's delicious-looking spread featuring cookies, Grinch cupcakes, crisps, dips and all manner of other delicious treats have been smeared across her spotless living room floor.

What appears to be green icing from the cupcakes is smooshed into the wooden floor, with crumbling biscuits and crisps scattered round it.

A pink feather boa, silver tray – and what appears to be a rogue Christmas decoration – also join the chaos.

But Grinch fans have rallied round to defend the creature's behaviour – including Emma.

We had a fabulous experience… you have to expect a bit of mess

She said: "I let my kids crack on when the Grinch chucked a few chicken nuggets, but my kids lifted the whole plates and bowls and threw them back.

"You can’t have a kids party and not expect a mess."

Emma said she wanted to share her positive experience after the post went viral.

She said: "He was more than apologetic feeling like he instigated it but by all means my kids took it too far."

The Northern Irish Christmas experience company also posted to Facebook after the incident went viral.

Santa Stop Here posted a “Most Wanted” picture featuring the character and its “naughty elf.”

The post warns: “If you see these hallions at your door do not let them in or havoc will follow!”

And after Laura’s complaint, the Grinch himself released a statement via the north Belfast franchise saying only: “I am the Grinch that stole Christmas… and I’m sorry.”

The company said it had received no other complaints in three years.

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