‘I won’t let abusive trolls win or bring me down’, says Brit wrestler Lucia Lee

As one of Britain's youngest and fastest-rising female wrestling talents, Lucy Brown has had to deal with more in her short career than most.

Aged 19, and having only been in the ring for around three years under the name Lucia Lee, she has had to tackle a global pandemic and wrestling's own version of the #MeToo movement, called Speaking Out.

And the Nuneaton-native has also faced flack for her relationship with another wrestler – around nine years her elder.

The pair met when she was 17, but only by chance at shows.

They did not form a relationship until a year or so later – but thanks to trolls on social media, Lucy and her other half have faced constant vile accusations of “grooming” and worse.

All of which has led to her gaining a reputation for being outspoken, and she has no intention of shutting her mouth, either.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star before making an appearance at Manchester's Catch Pro Wrestling's Monday Night Catch: Pro event, she said: “I got very, very sad (when she started being outspoken about Speaking Out).

“I was being really outspoken for everyone else, and I felt like no one really cared about the repercussions on me, which kind of sucks because I was 17 when it happened.

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“A lot of people just sort of, I wouldn't say took advantage, but got me to sort of do their bidding and dirty work a little bit.

“I think because they thought 'oh if Lucy takes all the heat, you know, I won't have to deal with it. ' That kind of annoyed me, but at the end of the day, always speak your mind.

“It got to a point where I didn't want to come back to wrestling – at all.

“On the day before my first show back after the long extended lockdown – which was also a Catch show – I was crying while I was out in the morning.

“I didn't want to go, but my boyfriend was like 'you kind of have to go'

“I've never been like that before shows – I used to love coming to them, but now it's more intimidating.”

Lucy was clear that the relationship she has with her boyfriend, who wrestles as Wesker, is one of independence, and that he holds no “power” over her.

The pair have teamed up many times in the ring, too.

But it's the online abuse the pair have received that really hits Lucy hard.

She explained: “He doesn't have any power over me – there's no like financial power over me, there's no emotional power over me.

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“We're just two people in a relationship, a very equal relationship."

Lucy has not, however, let this stop her from pursuing her in-ring dreams – although she does harbour ambitions of being a teacher outside of it, too.

Since her return to the ring, post-pandemic, Lucy has been in the running to take over from more established female wrestlers such as Lizzy Evo – who is joining WWE'S NXT UK brand – Alexxis Falcon, and Ivy.

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While she has now joined the former as her “bestie”, she recalls meeting Lizzy ages just 16.

“I met her after my fourth or fifth match and she always said that I remind her a lot of her when she was younger," Lucy added.

“I just want to keep doing what I'm doing because it worked out pretty well for Lizzy, and I want to follow in her footsteps a little bit.”

To follow in her footsteps would mean that Lucy would also have to overcome her sometimes crippling travel anxiety, which can be difficult when your job requires you to perform across the country.

“Getting the train just terrifies me.

“I'm always worried about missing a train or being stranded somewhere, or that I'm going to forget something.

“I just don't cope very well with stressful situations.

“I'm having to force myself to do it, and talking to myself to try and keep myself calm.

“I need to get over that anxiety in order to progress in wrestling.”

Lucy can be seen performing as Lucia Lee every month at Catch Pro Wrestling, or throughout the country at various independent wrestling shows. Follow her journey here.

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