Idiot Audi driver infuriates motorists by undertaking traffic in rush to tunnel

An impatient Audi driver cut across two lanes of traffic before undertaking through a busy tunnel, as shown in shocking dashcam footage.

The risk-taking driver swerved across lanes on the A38 Suffolk Street Queensway in Birmingham city centre, forcing other motorists to react quickly to avoid a nasty crash.

In the clip, the Audi RS6 cuts across an Uber taxi driver in an outer lane, forcing the cabbie to brake quickly to avoid a potential crash.

The "aggressive" motorist then weaves dangerously into the second lane of traffic, narrowly cutting up a dark-coloured vehicle which is also forced to brake.

It then undertakes a Highway Maintenance vehicle in the tunnel near Snow Hill, before speeding off towards the M6, M5 and M42.

The driver who recorded the reckless antics said it "frightens and saddens" them, Birmingham Live reports.

"I was on the A38 heading into town when suddenly, as I was passing the Mailbox on my left, an Audi RS6 appeared from the left and forced himself into the outside lane causing the car in front of me to step on their brakes," they told the title.

The motorist continued: "Given the way the car was being driven I initially thought it was some kind of pursuit, but that thought quickly gave way to the idea that he or she was driving that way simply because they can.

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"The car continued through the tunnels aggressively driving close behind other motorists and undertaking at high speed and acceleration.

"Witnessing driving such as this frightens and saddens me as it's highly likely that an innocent motorist, or pedestrian, will at some point pay the price for that motorist's aggressive and reckless behaviour."

In another recent incident, a BMW driver was caught on CCTV hitting an OAP on a zebra crossing and then driving away without stopping.

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