Idiots jump 200ft off Durdle Door just weeks after thrillseekers seriously injured as beachgoers flock to beauty spot

THIS is the shocking moment that an idiot risks his life jumping 200 feet off the top of Durdle Door – just weeks after three men were seriously injured doing the same thing.

The thrillseeker brazenly ignored warning signs and barged through a safety fence before flinging himself off the famous rocky arch on the Dorset coast.

Pictures show the daredevil, dressed only in swimming shorts, plummeting through the air with his arms outstretched before landing awkwardly in the water on his back.

Beachgoers who flocked to the beauty spot in the sizzling 34C heat heard a loud slam as the man fell awkwardly into the water.

Incredibly, the thrillseeker then returned to the surface and swam back to the beach unscathed.

I couldn't believe somebody was foolish enough to do it again

A beachgoer who witnessed the jump said: "I couldn't believe somebody was foolish enough to do it again.

"I spotted him start to climb the rocks to get to the top. He must have been very determined because he didn't have any trainers on or anything.

"Then when he got to the top he jumped without any hesitation. He landed really awkwardly on his back and it made a sickening sound when he hit the water.

They added: "He was very lucky not to have been badly injured or even killed, but then you don't know if he suffered any internal injuries."

It comes just three weeks after a man, 20, suffered serious spinal injuries jumping off the arch.

A video shows him belly-flopping into the water at the Dorset beauty spot and then vanishing, before being saved by two paddle boarders who took him to the beach where he was given CPR.

Thankfully, was rescued by hero paddle boarders Michael Wiley and Dylan Kirkwood, from Southampton.

Another jumper, aged around 25, was airlifted to hospital after suffering spinal injuries.

A third left in an ambulance with a suspected broken leg.

While jumping off the archway on the Jurassic coast isn't allowed, there is nothing to stop people from doing so.

Local authorities and coastguards have consistently begged Brits not to do it for safety reasons.

Coastguards have issued numerous warnings against doing so, not least as there are submerged rocks beneath the door.

It comes as Brits flocked to the beaches in Dorset on the hottest day of the year – with temperatures reaching a sizzling 34C.

Pictures show Durdle Door and Bournemouth beach heaving with sunseekers enjoying the sweltering heat.


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