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A SOCIAL media user who bizarrely thinks they are a time traveller has claimed a "worldwide purge" will begin soon.

Brecken Smith wildly claims it will be triggered by a "massive solar storm" – sending the world into "chaos".

He has made the outlandish assertion that a "purge" will start in 2025 and last three days.

His TikTok video said: "Yes, I'm a real time traveller, in 2025, the 'First Purge' begins worldwide.

"This is due to a global blackout once Earth is hit by a massive solar storm and all electricity is disabled.

"Everywhere will be chaos as governments are not able to regulate what happens.

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"It will be a long three days of horror, it unleashed the worst in people."

But viewers are not convinced by his odd claims.

One user commented: "Dome level of shame has to kick in while making this right?"

Another replied: "'Bro who you trying to scare."

A third said: "Watching too much Dr Who."

Meanwhile, another self-proclaimed time traveller has hilariously claimed that he knows the winning lottery numbers that can make you a millionaire.

The TikTok user has weirdly claimed that he has the magic combination of digits for an upcoming draw – but there’s a catch.

In a video shared online, @timetraveler047 said: “Probability changes realities all the time, especially random events.

“That being said, a lot of people ask me the winning numbers for one of the lotterines happening soon.”

The user goes on to predict the winning numbers as 47, 17, 32, 24, 18 and 5.

But crucially he doesn’t say which lottery the digits are for.

And another social media user who strangely thinks he has travelled to the future claims he has pictures to prove it.

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While another supposed voyager, from the year 2671, has wildly suggested a mega tsunami will hit California.

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