‘Increasingly frail’ Queen ‘will decline in front of our very eyes’, says expert

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Snaps of the Queen meeting Liz Truss has sparked further fears for the monarch's health which is something the public must get used to, a royal writer says.

Tuesday (September 6) was the first time a Prime Minister has travelled to Balmoral to meet the now 96-year-old Queen, due to her mobility issues preventing a break from her summer residence for a trip to London.

Her Majesty appeared delighted to greet the UK's new leader as she stood with the help of a walking stick but royal fans were quick to point out the colour of her right hand.

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News.com.au royal columnist Daniela Elser says the photos taken at Balmoral, are enough to confirm that the Queen will not abdicate the throne, no matter her health.

Ms Elser wrote: "What the Truss photos bring into focus is that this is the new normal: An increasingly frail Queen whose each new public appearance is likely to carry with it some fresh sign of her increasing infirmity.

"What now seems likely is that Her Majesty will not make way for her son Prince Charles (either by abdicating or installing a regency) but will continue to reign and will continue to, sadly, decline in front of our very eyes."

Questions asked on social media such as "Why is the Queen’s hand blue?" are in reaction to images that appear to show a nasty-looking blackish blue colour on her right hand.

It is common knowledge that older people can bruise more easily, but the extent of the apparent damage is so big that it raises alarm bells.

Since the so-called 'kissing of the hand' from Truss, Her Majesty has been advised to rest and postpone her Privy Council meeting due to concerns over her frail health.

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The engagement with the formal body of senior politicians was already set to take place virtually due to the monarch’s ongoing mobility issues.

Therefore the decision to call the meeting off at such short notice raises new concerns over the Queen’s fragility and overall health.

A Palace spokesman said: “After a full day yesterday, Her Majesty has this afternoon accepted doctors’ advice to rest.

“The Privy Council meeting that had been due to take place this evening will be rearranged.”

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No matter her age, the Queen has shown this year with her appearances over the Platinum Jubilee weekend that she is determined to perform as many public duties as possible.

Yet it is clear that making such commitments will get no less challenging for both the Queen and her Palace staff.

Ms Elser added: "There is only so much the Palace can do to mask or to obscure just how significantly diminished her mobility has become if she wants to continue to appear in public."

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson denied the Daily Star's request to comment.


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