Influencer who 'flaunted lavish life' arrested for 'using $100k in Covid relief for plane tickets & luxury hotel stays'

AN INFLUENCER has been arrested and charged with wire fraud after she used Covid relief funds for lavish hotel vacations, federal prosecutors say.

Danielle Miller is accused of stealing identifying information from someone in Massachusetts to obtain coronavirus relief, which she then used for a private plane and extravagant hotel stays.

Miller, a 31-year-old from Miami, Florida, allegedly used the federal loans for a private flight to California and several stays in luxury hotels.

Prosecutors say Miller found the victim's name through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles records and used the person's information to open a bank account in their name.

Then she applied for over $102,000 in loans from the Small Business Administration in the victim's name and had the funds deposited into the bank account, court documents say.

Miller then used the money for a flight from Florida to California on a private plane. She used a fake ID with her photo and the fraud victim's name for the flight and hotel stays.

Miller posted photos of her luxury vacations from her Instagram account @killadmilla, where she has over 31,000 followers.

Prosecutors were able to find images from Miller's Instagram that were geo-tagged to luxury hotels. Those photos and dates corresponded to charges on the fraudulent bank account Miller used, prosecutors say.

Wire fraud carries a prison sentence of up to 20 years along with a fine of up to $250,000.

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