Inside a $1M incredible tornado-proof bunker with colorful walls and Egyptian-themed bedroom with its own sarcophagus

SEE the $1million tornado-proof underground bunker with colorful walls, an Egyptian-themed room, and a vibrantly painted sarcophagus.

The state-of-the-art luxury bunker meant to protect its owner against future catastrophic events is nestled in 39-acres of land in a small town just 100 miles south of Dallas, Texas.

Upon the entrance of the doomsday bunker, visitors are greeted by the gray epic dome-shaped access points with a white garage door.

It may appear to be small and somewhat like a secret base from an action movie, but underneath this lavish property lies an ample space of 3,000with three luxurious bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The wide tunnel, which leads to the front door, also offers visitors a way to transport themselves to another dimension.

Suddenly heading underground doesn’t sound so bad, especially when the new dent provides comfort and a sense of quirkiness.

Realtor Terri Alexander of RE/MAX Landmark is reportedly selling the property on behalf of the original owner at $1.4 million.

While the property is windowless and buried, the artist finds a unique way of bringing the outdoors inside by hand-painted whimsical murals on the walls and ceilings.

The murals with quirky details all around also give each room its own exotic and colorful ambiance.

For example, if you look at the living area, you will see a beautiful blue pantry door with a smiley dog.

But look a little closer at the golden doorknob and you will see that the door, though painted as if it was open, is actually closed.

The living area has a full kitchen with a large bar area and stainless appliances, including a big refrigerator and an oven.

There is an impressive collection of decorations and crystals in the china cabinets as well as on top of the bar.

You can comfortably socialize with loved ones on a posh L-shaped leather couch while protecting them from an increasingly turbulent world.

In terms of sleeping, there are two bedrooms located on the property – the Egyptian-themed room and the bright beach-themed room.

The first bedroom has a large bed with Mayan pyramid murals and light clouds floating on the ceiling.

Depicting the scene of an exotic jungle, the bathroom boasts a large Jacuzzi tub set with waterfalls cascading on over walls.

The bathroom's floor also matches the marble floor of the bedroom.

While bathing, visitors can watch elevated television on the right-hand side of the tub or enjoy the beautifully painted tropical bird.

Another bedroom comes with breathtaking beach landscapes and its very own vibrantly painted sarcophagus.

Its fascinating door is painted with an object with multiple colors, giving off very funky and cool vibes.

The bathroom has a large mirror, marble counter, and a mural resembling Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

In total, the lavish bunker has three domes, the home, and two workshops.

It's a perfect shelter for "doomsday" as it boasts protection from things ranging from earthquakes, impacts, lightning, wind, water, bullets to aerosol-Poison.

The property also lined with steel-reinforced concrete and insulated by polyurethane foam blanketed with airform, making people feel safe yet comfortable.

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