Inside Prince Harry’s glam new hangout where he can mix with Hollywood A-listers

When Prince Harry left the UK after Prince Phillip’s funeral, he returned to his West Hollywood home.

On the Queen’s birthday, Harry was allegedly spotted arriving back in the US, and sources later discovered that he had had lunch with Hollywood power player Wallis Annenberg at the extremely private San Vincent Bungalows.

The San Vincent Bungalows are favoured but those who live in the public eye for their extremely strict privacy policies.

Members and guests are penalised for using their phones whilst in the private social club, and the lenses of smartphone cameras are reportedly covered up with tape to prevent any undercover filming.

The club supposedly has a waiting list of over 7,000 hopefuls, chosen by a committee of 12 people who allegedly judge applicants not on how wealthy they are, but how interesting.

Their process boils down to three questions: What would your autobiography be called? What is your favourite restaurant and why? What would your unique contribution to SVB be?

At present, it is unclear what Prince Harry’s relationship with the club is, whether he is a member or attended as a guest of Wallis Annenberg.

Annenberg currently heads up the multi-billion dollar Annenberg Foundation, with the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts hosting Vanity Fair’s glitzy Oscars party.

The tip-off could mean the young prince will be adding his royal credentials to the mysterious list of A-listers who frequent the club, which could be a huge source of social capital for Harry who swapped out Windsor Castle royalty for Hollywood royalty.

Harry will certainly be seeking to make new friends after he and Meghan Markle stepped back as working members of the royal family in early 2020, and membership of the San Vincent Bungalows would certainly aid that.

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The Royal Family already have some links to the Annenbergs after Ms Annenberg’s father Walter served as the US ambassador to the UK during Richard Nixon’s 1969-1974 term.

Recently, the club itself had a rare leak after a member was supposedly expelled because their guest told the paparazzi that singer Justin Bieber was at the club.

The expulsion shows that members are not only responsible for their own behaviour but also that of any guests they sign into the exclusive venue.

A previous leak sparked a Stasi-like investigation after director Steven Spielberg and Netflix boss Ted Sarandos were revealed to be breaking bread privately in the location, perhaps suggesting a reconciliation over a feud about Academy Awards rules.

Harry returned to the UK this month for a flying visit to attend his grandfather Prince Phillip’s funeral on Saturday, April 17.

The visit led some to speculate how long Harry would stick around, or if he would leave after the funeral. However, Harry flew back the day before the Queen’s 95th birthday on Wednesday, April 21.

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