Interactive map reveals England's BEST primary schools

Interactive map reveals England’s BEST primary schools, rated by Ofsted – so is YOURS included?

  • Nine out of ten primary schools are either Good or Outstanding figures show
  • One in five secondary schools in England receive the two lowest Ofsted ratings 
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More than 2,400 primary schools have been graded as Outstanding according to the latest figures from education watchdog Ofsted, released on March 31.

Across all education levels, 88 percent of state funded schools are classified as either Good or Outstanding. 

Ofsted grades schools in England on a sliding scale from Outstanding at the top, through Good and down to Needs Improvement and to the lowest mark, Inadequate. 

Headteachers have complained about the brutal nature of the inspection regime in the wake of tragic Ruth Perry, the primary school head who took her own life following an inadequate rating.

In another case, headteacher in Preston, Lancashire, went on long-term sick leave following his school being downgraded from ‘good’ to ‘inadequate’.

Between August and December 2022, the percentage of Good and Outstanding schools in the primary sector has increased from 89 to 90 percent. 

In the secondary sector, one in five schools are classed as either needing improvement or inadequate. 

How many outstanding schools are near YOU? To use our interactive map, click on the ‘play’ icon to begin scrolling around. The arrow tab to the right of the map will pull out a list of all schools, and a search bar allowing you to find your local school. 

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Among the most recent primary schools to achieve an Outstanding rating is the Warren Road Primary School in Orpington, pictured

Warren Road Primary School in Orpington, Kent, was praised by the regulator following an inspection in December 2022. 

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The report said ‘pupils come to school with smiles on their faces’, while staff were also praised for their work with special needs pupils or those with disabilities. 

The report added: ‘Pupils are articulate and respectful and clearly proud of their school.’ 

Chesterton Primary School in Battersea, also received an outstanding rating. 

In its report, the inspectors wrote: ‘Pupils are happy in school. At breaktime, pupils and school staff enjoy a wide range of activities together, including musical action games and playing various sports.’ 

Moulton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School in Moulton, Newmarket in Suffolk was upgraded from Good to Outstanding following its most recent inspection. 

In its report, Ofsted wrote: ‘Pupils behave extremely well and have beautiful manners. They show respect for each other, the adults who work with them and visitors. The classrooms are calm spaces, where they can concentrate and learn.’ 

It added: ‘Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for their future lives. They learn to be good citizens, fundraising for charities, litter-picking locally and considering ways of reducing their use of plastics.’ 

Inspectors wrote that pupils at Chesterton Primary School in Battersea were happy to come into school

Moulton C of E school in Suffolk was upgraded from Good to Outstanding in its most recent inspection

However, despite the positive reviews of the best schools, teaching unions have called on Ofsted to suspend its inspection regime following the tragic death of primary school principal Ruth Perry of Caversham Primary School in Reading. Her family said Ms Perry took her own live after Ofsted downgraded her previously Outstanding school to Inadequate. 

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A survey by the National Education Union of more than 17,800 people found that more than a third of teachers said their workload was ‘unmanageable’. 

One teacher wrote: ‘I have had to take antidepressants for the first time since being a teenager due to the job, along with being signed off with work-related stress. I’m only in my 20s, I didn’t expect the job to be like this.’

Another said: ‘I’ve lost a dangerous amount of weight and am considering antidepressants. I regularly have trouble sleeping and (have) nightmares due to stress-related anxiety.’ 

On the issue of the education watchdog, another teacher said: ‘Ofsted is a very negative process that puts undue pressure on all staff.’

Another colleague added: ‘During Ofsted I felt physically sick, shaking with nerves, barely able to eat or sleep for two days. I’ve been teaching for 27 years, consistently judged as very good, but here we are.’

Commenting on the most resent inspection results, Ofsted said: ‘Primary schools generally receive higher overall effectiveness grades than secondary schools, with 78 percent of primaries being judged good or outstanding this year compared with 73 percent of secondaries. The other key judgements tend to follow a similar pattern.

‘There is a notable difference in behaviour and attitudes judgements for primary and secondary schools, with 94 percent of primary schools judged good or outstanding in this area, compared with 78 percent of secondary schools.

‘A notably higher proportion of primary schools were judged good or outstanding for behaviour and attitudes, and for personal development, than for the other key judgements.’ 

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