Iran crisis: ISIS gives it’s SUPPORT to Trump branding Soleimani’s death an ‘act of God’

The remarks by the terror-group were reported in the Islamic State’s weekly newspaper Al-Naba and did not condemn or give any reference to the US for the assassination of Iran’s top military official. General Soleimani, was killed during airstrikes ordered by US President Donald Trump on January 3. General Soleimani, 62, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, 66, commander of a pro-Iran Iraqi militia, had been travelling through Badgdad, when the two-vehicle convey was struck by three missiles from an MQ-9 Reaper Drone.

Four days after the attack, Tehran retaliated and launched a series of ballistic missiles at two Iraqi bases housing US troops.

US officials said 15 missiles were fired, with 10 striking the Ain al-Asad base 100 miles west of the Iraqi capital.

The Ain al-Asad air base was first used by American forces after the 2003 US-led invasion that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein.

The base has since become the station for US troops in the battle against ISIS in the region.

The growing tensions in the Middle East has sparked fears the threat of ISIS could return after corporation between US and UK forces with Iraq reached an all-time low.

The UK has around 400 troops based in Iraq, providing training to Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and Kurdish Security Forces (KSF).

British forces have been located across three main bases – Camp Taji near Baghdad, Union III in Baghdad, and Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, described the retaliation by Iranian forces as “reckless and dangerous”.

The Foreign Secretary added a war in the region could lead to the uprising of terror organisations such a ISIS.

Mr Raab said: “We urge Iran not to repeat these reckless and dangerous attacks, and instead to pursue urgent de-escalation.

“A war in the Middle East would only benefit Daesh and other terrorist groups.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also called for “urgent de-escalation” and claimed General Soleimani “had the blood of British troops on his hands”.

He said: “We of course condemn the attack on Iraqi military bases hosting coalition forces.

“Iran should not repeat these reckless and dangerous attacks but must instead pursue urgent de-escalation.”

On Monday, US Attorney General William Barr, confirmed the White House did consult the justice department before the killing of General Soleimani.


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The US Attorney General said General Soleimani was a “legitimate military target” and the strike was a “legitimate act of self-defence”.

Mr Barr said: “The Department of Justice was consulted and frankly I don’t think it was a close call.”

He added: “The general in charge of these efforts, Soleimani, was clearly a legitimate military target. We had a very brief window of time to carry out the attack.

“This was a legitimate act of self-defence because it disrupted ongoing attacks that were being conducted – a campaign against the Americans – and it re-established deterrence.”

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