Iran under pressure to seal nuclear deal to end sanctions ‘Economy in shambles!’

Nuclear deal: Iranians detail the impact of economic sanctions

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Iran is holding indirect talks with the United States over restarting the 2015 nuclear deal – with Tehran pushing for economic sanctions to be lifted. German news outlet DW News has spoken with ordinary Iranians about the impact the international sanctions are having on the country. 

An Iranian told DW News: “If they don’t reach agreement, it will be young people like me who pay the price.

“The economy is in a shambles.

“There’s no work and even if you find a job, everything is so expensive.”

Another man added: “Even if they sign a deal, nothing much will happen.

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“I don’t think anything in the next year or two will have a positive impact on my life.”

An Iranian woman told DW News: “I think our president is not even interested in reaching an agreement.

“[Former Iranian President] Rouhani wanted one but didn’t manage it.

“The new government is not even pursuing this.

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“It won’t work out successfully.”

Former US President Donald Trump pulled Washington out of the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, re-imposing US sanctions.

Iran refuses to meet directly with US officials, meaning other parties must shuttle between the two sides.

The US has repeatedly expressed frustration at this format, saying it slows down the process, and Western officials suspect Iran is playing for time.

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Iran has long argued it only wants to develop nuclear technology for civil uses.

“The most important issue for us is to reach a point where, firstly, Iranian oil can be sold easily and without hindrance,” Iranian media quoted Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian as saying before the latest talks resumed.

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