Jacob Rees-Mogg tucks into an ice cream in Weymouth

Who says the Tories are out of touch? Jacob Rees-Mogg and his MP pal wear matching double-breasted jackets with brass buttons as they struggle with melting ice creams on a harbourside stroll in Weymouth

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg was pictured enjoying an ice cream alongside Richard Drax 
  • The MPs strolled along a harbourside in Weymouth while tucking into the treat 
  • They appeared to struggle with their cones as they posed for photographs today 

Jacob Rees-Mogg turned heads as he tucked into an ice cream while walking along a harbourside in Weymouth today. 

The Conservative MP for East Somerset was dressed in a sharp double-breasted suit as he visited the town and was joined by the similarly-dapper MP for South Dorset, Richard Drax.

They visited several businesses, including a fish market and an ice cream parlour. 

Afterwards, with their ice cream cones in hand, the MPs walked along the harbourside, where they struggled to get to grips with their treat. 

They posed for photos, with the images reminiscent of the likes of David Cameron and Ed Miliband infamously struggling to eat in front of the camera. 

Chill out: Jacob Rees-Mogg and Richard Drax were snapped indulging in ice cream today as they visited the seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset

Losing cone-trol: The MP for East Somerset licked up the ice cream as it threatened to melt and dribble onto his hand

Mogg-sicle: The arch-Brexiteer donned a sharp double-breasted suit for the seaside trip

Gelato-fun: The two politicians bought the ice creams from Boho Gelato on the seafront

Just chillin’: Drax seemed to nearly lose control of his ice cream as the pair took a calm stroll

The politicians seemed delighted when buying the cones from Boho Gelato ice cream parlour, though their faces quickly became strained as they battled with eating and posing for photos at the same time.

Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons, held the ice cream out in front of him before licking it gingerly, while Drax allowed his to drip all over his hand. 

The firebrand MP visited several other businesses on his tour of the constituency, wearing a face mask for much of his journey. 

He was also spotted holding a lobster, appearing far more comfortable than he had with his cone.  

Fancy a Gelato?: Rees-Mogg smiling outside Boho Gelato where they bought the ice cream

I just got served: The pair smile outside the shop after purchasing two ice creams

Ice cream time!: Rees-Mogg pictured purchasing an ice cream at the shop in Weymouth

Claw-strophilic: Mogg beamed at the camera as he clutched a lobster at Weyfish market

Masked up: Owing to the pandemic, the MPs wore masks for much of their visit to the town

Politicians have a dangerous history when it comes to eating food in public, with many ending up splashed on the front pages after making a mess. 

Most infamously, a photograph of then-Labour leader Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich in 2014 became both an internet meme and a newspaper sensation. 

The photo was widely shared and used by critics as an example of him being unable to perform simple tasks.  

The legacy of the incident exists to this day, with references to it on social media and TV.  

Former Prime Minister David Cameron was the next to fall foul of a food battle. 

In 2015, he was spotted tucking into a hotdog with a knife and fork, despite being surrounded by photographers and journalists. 

It led to Cameron being branded ‘posh’ on social media, while others suggested he went ‘too far’ in trying to avoid a Miliband-style humiliation. 

Enjoying the snack, sir?: David Cameron was photographed tucking into a hotdog with a knife and fork in 2015, leading some social media users to brand him ‘posh’

Keep calm and eat bacon: Then-Labour leader Ed Miliband became an internet meme after he was snapped tucking into a bacon sandwich in 2014

Tucking in: Former prime minister Theresa May was snapped tucking into some chips in Cornwall while she was on the campaign trail for the 2017 general election

Marshmallow-ed: Then-Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson was snapped awkwardly tucking into one of the soft sweets on the campaign trail in 2019

His successor Theresa May also came under fire while visiting Cornwall for the 2017 General Election campaign. 

She was spotted eating a cone of chips, with her expression being mocked on social media and some wondering if she’d ever eaten the British staple before. 

And last year, then-Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson awkwardly tried to eat a marshmallow, her awkward photos becoming a social media sensation. 

Ms Swinson was pictured struggling with the sweet treat during a visit to Free Rangers Nursery in Midsomer Norton, Somerset. 

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