‘Jealous’ boyfriend cuts off lover’s head before jumping 170ft to his death

A vegan posing as a doctor severed his lover’s head before jumping from the 17th floor to his death, say police.

Alexey Filippov, 46, had cut out Olga Noskova’s heart and inflicted multiple knife wounds, according to reports.

He put the 41-year-old woman’s severed head in a plastic bag from vegan food label VEGO before knifing himself and jumping to his death from a Moscow residential high rise.

He left a note in a bloodstained flat, saying: "The more truth, the cleaner this world. I love you."

Her friends said that he had often made scandals because he was “jealous”.

A murder case has been opened by the Russian Investigative Committee but there are no other suspects.

“The body of a woman born in 1979 with a head separated from the torso and multiple stab wounds in the chest and abdomen was found,” said a committee statement.

“The body of a man born in 1974 with injuries characteristic of a fall from a great height was found near the residential block.”

So far investigators believe “that the man committed the murder of his partner, after which he killed himself" falling 170ft.

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“The apartment in which the man and woman lived was closed from the inside."

Their rented flat’s owner Petr Sholom, a retired army major, told Moskovsky Komsomolets that Filippov had posed as a doctor.

“Because of this, I trusted him,” he said.

“He was always neat, clean-shaven, and did not smoke or drink.

“He had a healthy complexion, and was always positive.”

In fact, he was a qualified nurse but had no doctor’s qualifications.

Other reports said that he made his living selling dietary supplements, and went on trips to gather herbs and make homeopathic remedies.

The woman’s friends said that he “constantly made scandals because he was jealous”.

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