Jeff Bezos wears a cowboy hat for his wild ride to space on Blue Origin rocket and gets mercilessly trolled

JEFF Bezos wore his cowboy hat to board his rocket ship into space on Tuesday – and got mercilessly trolled for the headgear.

The billionaire Amazon founder soared into space onboard the New Shepard, built by his company Blue Origin Tuesday morning.

It's the company's first human spaceflight.

Before the flight, the team was seen climbing the crew tower to the capsule atop New Shepard.

Bezos was pictured boarding the rocket in his cowboy hat.

On Twitter one user wrote: "LMAO why he got that on man."

Another added: "why tf is jeff bezos wearing a cowboy hat."

One said: "Jeff Bezos looks about as uncomfortable in a cowboy hat as you would think."

Speaking to the TODAY program on Monday ahead of the launch, Bezos said: “I’m incredibly excited. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like.”

The world’s richest man added that he expected the experience to change him.

He referenced the “overview effect”, a cognitive shift in awareness reported by multiple astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space.

“People say that they go into space and they come back changed. Astronauts always talk about that,” Bezos said.

“Whether it’s the thin line of the atmosphere or seeing how fragile the planet is – that it’s just one planet. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to do to me.”

The Amazon founder also joked with reporters that he did not eat his “last meal” before taking off.

 “I don’t think we should put it that way. Let’s talk about it in a different way.”

Bezos, 57, was joined by his younger brother, Mark, 53, and two other civilian passengers.

The first to be revealed was Wally Funk, an 82-year-old woman who trained to be an astronaut in the 1960s but was never given the chance to fly.

A fourth seat was auctioned off to a member of the public.

However, Blue Origin admitted last week that the mystery original ticket holder had dropped out "due to scheduling conflicts."

As a result, the spare seat has instead gone to Dutch teenager and high school graduate Oliver Daemen, son of millionaire Joes Daemen.

It's unclear how much Joes, founder and CEO of the Dutch investment company Somerset Capital Partners, paid for his 18-year-old child's ticket.

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